Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy 100 Postings, Hastypearl !!!!!! My First Give Away :)


Happy 100 Postings, Hastypearl !!!!!!

My First Give Away :)

I looked back at my First posting, on this blog, and it was ALMOST one year, ago!
I sure didn't time it that way, its just the way that it happened.

I'll say the typical phrases, like...How did the time Fly by so fast, because what can you say when it really feels that way?!

I can honestly say, that it has been a Pleasure to meet with you, and do nothing more, than just 
Share my Art and Life.
I've tried very hard to be true to that and to make reading my postings, worth Your While.

Every week, I get a report on the visits to Hastypearl, and it has Astounded me, just the sheer 
Geography of where You have all Come From!

As I've said before, this Blogging experience, has Stretched my Borders and brought me 
New Friends and Lots of Encouragement!

So...I thank you for Participating in this Journey with me!

Soooo, I've Participated in Give Aways before...and even Won one before, but I've Never DONE One!
So, as I Promised in my last posting....

Lets Do It!!!!!!!!

I spent a morning playing in my studio a while back...and yes, you've seen mostly Vintage Inspired Art
from me, but I secretly also enjoy a more Abstract Contemporary Vibe....

so, how about this....

if you would like to get in the Game, and would like to leave a comment below, or on Facebook, 
Larry and I, will make a Very Scientific selection...really...we will...and if I can find my way back to you to get your address, I will send you this Mixed Media piece, 
as a THANK YOU, for being such sweet readers! 

Ill leave the Give Away open until the evening of  March 23, my son Phillip's Birthday!
Yes, you can sign up, Phillip! ;)  


Along with Rust (my monitor is reading bright reddish orange), Chocolate Brown, Mossy Green and Shimmery Gold acrylics, I used a Great piece of unique Antique extra wide trim, and wove in and out, some beautiful Gold threads and some Hand Dyed Ribbon.

I hope that You like the colors.
Its really very pretty, in "person"! 

I photographed it in a frame that I use for staging my art, that has a mat for an 8 x 10 opening...
That size frame will be easy for You to find!

So, again...Thank You... from the bottom of my heart, for Receiving Hastypearl, and making me feel at home in this crazy, swirling, giant, blog world! :)

And why not lets say...Here's to Another 100 Hastypearl Postings!!!!

xoxo Laura


  1. Congratulations for your 100th Post! 10 years ago I would have never dreamed you would have come this far on the internet. Keep it up, btw I'll join your raffle its cool looking artwork.

  2. Wow 100 posts in one year?! That's quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! (And the painting is really good!)

  3. Thanks guys! Im having fun...writing AND reading my favorite blogs....and yeah Joel, how dare that you grew up and LEFT me here to learn things without you!!! So proud of you and YES, you are now officially on the list!!!

  4. Cool piece, hastypearl ! Love those mossy green earthy colors. And congratulations on your 100th Post!! Since I've just found you I get to read backwards as well as forward! I'm looking forward to it.... (I already peeked at the post about Marilyn's textile art, scrumptious!)

  5. Thanks Gia. I am a professed Entire Blog Reader, too! I will fall dangerously behind on all of my other blogs, reading ONE back to 2005. To me, its like reading a book, and Im ALWAYS seeing and learning about great art! Welcome to Hastypearl, and since we are twins, its about time you found me ;)

  6. Lovely to see you! and your expressive, colourful work. All best wishes for another 100 posts xx

    1. Thanks Cathy...feel better soon! Laura

  7. Wonderful Laura!
    Hey- I figured out how to post here!!

    1. Thanks for your persistence! It means a lot that you did...xoxo L

  8. A huge congratulations Laura. 100 posts and a year of blogging. That is something to celebrate. This is a wonderful piece. You had me at rust!!

    1. Thanks, Seth! Lets see...once upon a time, not so long ago, I won my first Giveaway...and lets see...that was for a book called, The Mixed -Media Artist, by Seth Apter! Now, I am Doing my first giveaway! Lead on Mentor Man! :) Laura