Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Benefits of Selling Online Hastypearl

The Benefits of Selling Online

Well, that Title, sure sounds Business Like, doesn't it?

I'll bet you thought, I was going to have an outline, and lots of statistics to develop the reasons that you should sell your products online.

Well, I'm not! :)

But I will tell you, that when I decided to open my hastypearl Etsy shop, I had NO CLUE, 
of the personal Joys that it would Bring me.

Yes, I get pleasure out of the Hunt. 
Looking for and finding Vintage Items, 
that I think someone else will see and find amazing.

Yes, some of those Vintage Items find their way, into my Art Pieces.

But its this One Little Thing, that I decided to do, when I'm hand making and writing my 
Thank You Notes to each customer...

I Ask them...if they Want to, to be sure and let me know what they Will DO with their purchase.
Not every one does, but...

Lets see...

* There was the buyer, who was going to give her parents money for a new mattress, and she taped the money, to the Beautiful Vintage Doll Bed that she bought.

* There was the man, that bought four of my hand made Wire Ornament Hangers, to use on the set of a current Tony Award winning Broadway Play, because, the shapes in the Play Bill Logo, reminded him of the Curves in the Wire.

* Recently, a lady from England, bought one of my Shadow Box Shrines. 
She told me, that  she liked the piece, but instead of the image that was in it, she wanted something like it, to honor her deceased mother and brother, by placing interchangeable pictures and mementos in it.
We deconstructed it together, and discovered, that It could be customized, for her needs. 

* I made a custom Guest Book, for newlyweds with a new home, because it was important to her, for her guests, to record special thoughts about their visit.

* One lady, a teacher, bought several sets of Cracker Jack Charms, to place in bags, for her students to reach inside, and see if they could tell what they were touching, without using their sight.

* A very special new Etsy Artist/Friend, who hangs hundreds of her incredible handmade Christmas  ornaments on her tree, honored me by purchasing one of my Vintage Hinge Roofed Cottages, 
that she now includes with hers.

* Of course, there is a Friend, who has bought MANY of my Mixed Media Collages for her home, 
and my son, that nailed it for his girlfriend and grandmother, when he bought them each, one of my 
Birds in a Nest...

See, I could go on and on!

Its not just about the Sale.
Its also about, the Connection.

The Connection that I've already begun making in my studio, when I'm making art, and thinking of it as a spiritual service of worship, and KNOWING, that it will go to JUST the person that its supposed to :)

So, my last example, happened just today.

The note with the purchase said...Could you please make sure, that there isn't any information about the purcha$e in the box, because it is going to my "soon to be niece", as a gift.

Yes, I can do that!

I took a lot of care, to find the perfect tissue, and I made her a little card with her requested sentiment.

Because the buyer, cant be there to give the gift to the expected baby.

I'm not totally sure, but I'm guessing, that it has a lot to do with the fact, that she has her Own three month old first child, to care for!:)
(Remember those days?)

How do I know that?
Because I Asked...and she felt comfortable enough to chat about it with me!

Another Special Connection Made!

...and I look forward to Many More!

So, There!

I'm not sure how much of what I just shared, would come up in University business classes, 
but its whats Happening and Important, to me!

I don't know if I will ever get dollars rich from selling online, 
but I sure know that I have en"riched" my life for the experience.

I'll bet those of you who Sell Online, could say the same thing!

Happy Selling Everyone...
xoxo Laura  

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