Sunday, March 9, 2014

Want to Meet My New Friend? Meet Marilyn Stephens! Interlaced - Textile Arts Hastypearl

Want to Meet My New Friend?

Meet Marilyn Stephens!

Interlaced - Textile Arts

I recently wrote on this blog, about how surprised I have been, about the personal connections that can be made on Social Medias.
Now, maybe those of you that have long been using them, will recognize that as a Novice Mistake.
I acknowledge...that I am THAT Novice...and I did make THAT Mistake :)

Long before I started writing this blog, or joined FB, I was a blog Reader.
Little by little, I found blogs that appealed to me...and not surprisingly, most have been written by people that express themselves is some form, artistically.

Initially, my decision to join Facebook, was for my business, Hastypearl.
I had NO IDEA, that its Greater Good, would be about meeting people from all over the world, who I would  eventually consider to be... my Friends!

Now, there are those, that think these things are random, but for me, I think there is an amazing amount of Providence involved. 
Especially when those very Meaningful Connections, begin to change your life.

One of those Special Connections for me has been...Marilyn Stephens!
Marilyn lives in Cornwall, England.
She is an Extraordinary artist...for sure.
But I think what I've learned Marilyn's REAL Gifting is, is what I call...
"Coming Up Under People".
She is People Supporter.
A People Builder.

One of the ways that I've seen her do that, is her persistent Promotion of artists/people on FB.
And when you Support people, there is usually a positive response.
You want Solid evidence of that?
That's easy.
Without being a Famous Celebrity or Rock Star ;), she gained 500 FB friends, on the DAY that she opened her Business/Artists page called, Interlaced-Textile Arts. 
And in a very short time, she as added another 200.
My guess is, Marilyn is or has made Many of those 700, feel like her Special Friend, just as she has me!    

Recently, out of the blue, she asked for my address.
She didn't elaborate.
I sent my address.

What I eventually found in my mailbox...Took my breath!

The images you are seeing, are of the gift that she sent.

Today, as I sat enlarging and brightening these pictures to post, I kept seeing the  
Some of them are mere specks.
On and On they appear!

Without knowing all of my personal Joys...she featured the word...Sing.
Yes, its a simple word, that could apply to many...but I don't care about that...It Applies To Me!
Those that know me, know that I have loved Singing, since I was a very young girl.
Marilyn, you hit the mark with that Choice!

Then, yes, shes seen pictures of my home, but whether she registered, that this gift, would literally be the exact color scheme of my decor...I'm not sure.

And Yes, the Leaves, the Leaves, the Leaves.
They Represent me.
I hope all of the rest of my days, will be filled with Nature and Gardening!

These, handmade cards, were included, and sent with special sentiments, that meant so much!

I guess, what I am trying to convey, and this will probably embarrass her, but, I don't think, that there are Many people that would GIVE, this Caliber of Gift!
Sell...Yes!...but I am Blown Away by this Excessive Generosity and its Impact on Me is Great!!!
I will frame this, and display it and I cant wait for my guests, to see it.
(Marilyn and I recently teased about swapping houses! Oh, I would Love to do that!)

Its likely, that my friends, wont ever physically Meet Marilyn, but I think they will quickly learn a lot about her, just by studying this piece.

I hope You have, too!

Im so grateful for Unexpected New Friends...and for Marilyn The Generous...for Sure.
Thank you so much for this Gift from the Heart, Marilyn! 

Before I go, I want to mention, that this is my 99th Hastypearl posting! 
HOW can that Be?
Im hoping to do something Special for number 100.
Im thinking maybe a give away!
Ive never done that and I know it would be fun :)
Im not sure what it will be, but I hope you will check back in and see!

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xoxo as always, Laura  


  1. I love it! How special to receive :) Aren't internet friends wonderful?

  2. Yes, Ruth! I am learning that more and more every day! There's always room for more friends :) Laura