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100 Etsy Sales...Another Benchmark! Hastypearl

100 Etsy Sales...Another Benchmark!



I made it!
Well...Thanks to my Wonderful Customers, I made it!

I've told some of this story before, so you may have already heard it, 
but LONG before I had a shop on Etsy, I was a Buyer on Etsy.
The allure of having a shop, hit me right away.
I imagined having a space, where I could sell my handmade's and the 
vintage found items that I loved to discover.

It took me several years, literally, to Actually Open.
Mostly, because I just didn't have a clue as to how to go about doing it.
My skill set, isn't strong on computer literacy, but thankfully, I am comfortable ASKING for help, and there has been an Abundance, of Wonderful People, to help me along the way.

I started Making and Collecting for the shop, and on December 5, 2012, I opened Hastypearl!

People have asked me where I came up with Hastypearl.
Part of the explanation is easy...
Pearl, is a nickname given to me in my early teens, by my best friends family.
I have NO idea why they picked Laura Pearl, but it stuck!
Seriously stuck, as it is also, my Grandmotherly name that my sweetheart granddaughter calls me! 
"Hasty" happened, as I was listening to an Adele song where she sings a line in a song...
"watching hastiness unfold".
Obliviously, That part stuck...too!
While I'm actually disciplined in some areas of my life, 
I also have a Hasty side to
Hastypearl...was born! 

I thought you might like to see what my first item to sell, looked like. (below)
It didn't happen until February, so, it was a L O N G two months wait.
I've heard of people getting a sale the first day, and others waiting a long time.
Each shop has its own story.

I was SO thrilled.
I called my cousin Beverly, who has the Etsy shop BevsCrochetCreations, 
and she talked me through the sale.
You can see in the fourth image, what the shops screens look like to the owners,
 since they don't look the same to the shoppers.

I packaged up the three items for that first sale, and was Amazed, that someone from Minnesota, 
had found me!
At first, I only listed to people in the U.S., because I was pretty intimidated about international purchases.
I was excited about the possibilities and realized that Anyone, could find me!

The piece below, was one of the first that I Listed.
I learned a lot from making that, little pointy things, have to be Specially Packed!
But I was an ARTEEST, and wasn't going to let that effect what I made!

It also showed me, that if someone from the United Kingdom could find me, while looking for a shrine for their home, to rotate special pictures of her deceased mother and brother in, that what I was Doing, would be more like a Ministry, than just Making things. 
With that discovery, I began praying, for all of the future buyers of my items.

While I sometimes wish my pieces would sell faster, I believe that they are each meant for 
Someone Special,
 and will be patient to see who that person is.
Many buyers have told me amazing reasons that they are buying my art or vintage finds and I love hearing their stories.

 The Vintage Cross below, was my 100th sale!
I was VERY happy about that!
The Significance of The Cross, both to me AND the Buyer, wasn't lost on me.
It went to a Texas Mixed Media Jewelry artist, who makes amazing pieces and also teaches people how to  create their own jewelry.
I had actually recently, bought her book..  

So, this is what my page looks like to me...
There's lots of info to help me run my business.

The picture below, is what my screen looked like for my 100th sale!
I had actually been excitedly Waiting, to see it!

The Truth is, I early on, sold 4 of my little wire ornament hangers to a set director, to be used on stage for a current monster Tony award winning play. I wasn't sure how to do it, so I grouped all four pieces into one sale, so I always showed that I was 3 sales behind my actual number...but oh well, it just taught me a little more patience, for that 100 on the screen, to roll around!

So, there you are!

I can't tell you ALL of the wonderful things I have learned in this process or about how many 
Great Customers, I have had.
 I've have friends and family, that have Totally Supported me either in purchasing, or Like"ing", 
yet One More of my Hastypearl listings on Facebook...ONE MORE TIME!
I feel supported...and LOVED!  

I guess the most important thing that I could say would be, if you have a Dream to Do Something...DO IT!
Don't wait until you have it all figured out.
The Learning Curve will teach you things about yourself , that you cant Imagine!
Don't miss out on that :)

Thanks Everyone for a Wonderful First 100!
xoxo Laura

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