Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eco Dyeing Hastypearl

Eco Dyeing

Its funny how you get used to seeing things in your home day after day, and maybe even take them for granted.
Well, I tell you, I look at this Cayenne Eco Dyed Vintage Embroidered runner, and its just as beautiful to me today, as when I first pulled it out of the pot.

The embroidery isn't the star of the show, but it sure makes it unique and beautiful.  

I love everything that came out of the pot that day!
I am sooo looking forward to doing much more.


Placed under our humble paper dinner napkins, it elevates the mundane!

We inherited both the Amber Depression Glass and the shells.
Its wonderful to be able to see them and remember the family that they came from.

The Vintage Yellow Fiesta Ware is part of our collection.
They came in a huge box that I found in the early 80's.
You don't want to know how li$$le I paid for them, 
before they became such a huge thing to collect!

I found the Laura Ashley table runner at a local estate sale, for a few dollars.
I think it makes for a great contrast and vignette.

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