Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mixed Media Bird FUN !!!! Hastypearl

Mixed Media Bird FUN !!!!

Those of you that know me, know that I love a challenge, 
especially in the studio.
I'm not a very cooperative directions follower, so I confess, 
I kind of like to make things up as I go along.

Last year, I had the wonderful experience of  attending
 the estate sale of a Clock Repairman, closing down his business.
Did I love it...well, I went back three days in a row!
Still, I wish I had bought MORE.

One of the items that he had lots of, were Vintage Clock Cases.
I can imagine that he had taken apart and married 
bits and pieces and ended up with lots of leftover parts.

Enter...Wood Clock Case Finials!

I had No idea at the time, that they would end up 
being the bodies to Mixed Media Birds, 
but as you can see...they Did!

With a little engineering, and LOTS OF HOURS...
Joyous Hours, 
this little Flock...was born!

I loved thinking of different characters 
to Anthropomorphosize (take that new word, spell checker)!

 The top bird...Maybe a fine Gentleman?
Perhaps even Downtown Abbey's Mr. Carson? :)

The Orange Rebel with the big black hat below him, of course...
Argggg, Jack Sparrow...(get it?:)
A Caribbean Pirate, of Course!

Under him, Oui Oui...A French Bird with Beret and Scarf.

And here we have Amelia Earhart, Aviation hero, totally comfortable in the skies!

And finally, what group doesn't have a Clown?
Yep, there's Always a Clown.

I wrote lots of details about the creation of and description of this Crazy Crew
 over at my Hastypearl Etsy shop!
I hope You will take a look.

I'm having a ball in my studio these days!

If you have a character that you would like for me to custom make for You, 
You can contact me on the right side of this posting, 
or convo me through Etsy!
I love working with customers:)

Keep me in mind for your 2015 Gifting Needs!

I love that You stopped by!
And Hope that You will again, soon :)

Enjoy these Wonderful Days....
Laura aka hastypearl

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