Sunday, March 29, 2015

Turn A Shopping Bag Into A Gift Bag, in 4 Easy Steps! Hastypearl

Turn A Shopping Bag Into A Gift Bag, In 4 Easy Steps!

Sometimes, in between projects that need serious brainpower, 
its fun to do easy art projects, that don't take a lot of thinking.
They are for Play. 
Just pure Play.
They serve a purpose...
they are kind of like "cleansing the palate" for the next important project.

My husband, likes to buy me gifts from a local gift shop.
I LIKE for him to buy me gifts from the local gift shop!
They always put your purchase in a great paper bag, 
that has their Shop Logo on the front.

I'm a gift bag kind of girl.
I admire people that go to terrific care, to wrap boxes, 
but I don't have that much interest.
I'm happy to just get my gift in a bag and add some tissue.
To me, its always whats INSIDE the wrap, that matters the most.

So, to get a Shopping Bag, into useful Gift Bag form, I simply...

Cover the store logo with some quick drying paint.
This paint is a liquid acrylic.
Whatever you have and in whatever color...Use!

Maybe you are neat and like lines.
That's cool.
Use some blue painters tape and paint inside, or just free hand a shape.

Grab some stamps and pads and Play!
I don't tend to work in These colors, but they are fun to use while playing.

This rubber stamp, is one of many that I have bought from Fred Mullett.
He has a great selection of stamps from nature prints with botanical and fish-y themes.
Grasses, flowers, fish...just go see for yourself.
There isn't anything cartoon-y about his stamps.
If you want a stamp that is realistic...these are the Ones.

(Ha! Thanks Fred. I just looked at your site and saw cartoon-y stamps. 
So...I'm Wr... Wr.. WRONG! 
You're the Master of Surprise!
Still, I love them All!)

Because the paper bag, has lots of folds and layers, I grabbed a Brayer Roller.
If you don't have one, you can press with your fingers, 
or something flat and larger than the stamp.

Layer, Layer, Layer.
 And Play, Play, Play with your colors.
Of course, there isn't a real feather that looks like this, but there is in MY world :)

I used a white Sharpie, to dot on the background.
I could have done any shape or lettering.
I just wanted something for contrast and I like how this looks.

The whole point of this is to have F-U-N!
If fun to you, is to get in and get out...then do it.
If fun for you, is to take your time, and create the Next Great Masterpiece...then, 
here is a free surface to do it on! 

So, there you are!
Not re-gifting....just reUsing a bag in 4 Easy Steps!

I hope this gets your creative juices going.
There really isn't any end to what you can reUse.
Think about the stacks of paper, cards, and tags...that can accumulate.
If it has a surface and you can cover up the store logo...then you are ready to go!

So glad you stopped in today.
I love that you do!

Please check out my new Hastypearl Etsy listings.
I've been hard at work in the studio with some new projects.

Life is Good...Laura 

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