Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Making of a Mixed Media Blue Bird Hastypearl

The Making of a Mixed Media Blue Bird

A Letter to a Girl, Yet to be Born

Dear Sawyer Anne,

I thought that You might want to know, 
even though you haven't been born yet, 
how Hastypearl...I mean Cousin Laura...
made your Birthday gift!

Little Sawyer, There will be some Life Lessons 
along the way, in this letter :)

I know that your parents love animals and beautiful land 
and ranches and aren't afraid of things like rusty wire, 
so I made your little birds legs out of real rusty ranch wire.
The Trouble is, when you hammer it, 
it can get hot and brittle and break!
So, for every one leg that I was successful making, 
I broke five.

First Life Lesson...Some things can take a long time to do, 
but if you stick with it, you will be glad that you did!

Sawyer, I also know that your parents aren't afraid 
to get their hands dirty.
Your Cousin Hastypearl...I mean Laura...often has dirty hands.
I am actually kind of proud of that.

Second Life Lesson...Don't miss out on some fun things in life, 
because you don't want to get your hands dirty.

Sawyer, I once went to an estate sale, three days in a row, 
in Fredericksburg, Texas. 
Each day, streams of people walked away with 
full bags of Vintage Finds.
Because the owner of the home, was a talented 
and eccentric Antiques collector and clock repairman.

I found a whole bag full, of Vintage Wood Clock Case Finials.
I used the prettiest one for the body of your little bird.

I didn't know how to build a bird.
I had Never built a bird like this before, but I figured it out!

Life Lesson Three...If you don't know how to do something, 
its OK. 
You can sit quietly and think about it and 
you will always be able to work it out.

Don't be Afraid.
Don't be Afraid of making a mistake.
Mistakes teach us.

Sawyer, I asked your Aunt Becky what your 
nursery colors were going to be. 
She sent me a picture of the bedding 
that your Mother and Father wanted for you.
The colors of the bedding were 
Teal and Aqua and Fuchsia.
That is what I used for your bird! 

Life Lesson Four...If you don't have the answer to your questions, 
you can ask for help.
Everyone Loves to Help!

Your little bird, needed wings, so I fashioned some, out of 
painted cardboard and some Very Old Keys.
The keys from long ago, used to be beautiful and
 were works of art.
You don't see that any more.

Sawyer, I know that you are already a Daughter of a King.

The King.

He knew you Before you were even in your mommies tummy.

I gave your bird a Crown.
YOU wear a Crown in the eyes of your King.

Don't ever take it off!

I don't think He would mind if you twirl in a fluffy tutu, 
so at the last minute, I gave your bird a tutu.

Life Lesson Five...Don't take your eyes off of the King.

Sawyer, it took a Joyously long time to make this little bird for you.
But the whole time that I was working on it, 
I thought about you and wondered what you would be like.

I prayed for you and your parents.

They don't understand yet, how hard and wonder-full,
 its going to be to meet you.
No one ever does, until it Finally happens.
That's because its a special secret that The King keeps for each of us.

They don't Know the extreme highs and lows that they will experience as you grow.

But I know, that they will love you and love you and love you some more.

They will do their very best to help you be who you will Be.

Then, when it is time, you will Fly!

They will wonder how it was possible that 
so many days passed...

but they will be so proud of you 
and thankful that you were a part of their lives.

We really can't wait to meet you...Sawyer Anne!

x's and o's...L 

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