Friday, October 9, 2015

Somerset Studio Said, YES! Hastypearl

Somerset Studio Said, Yes!

About a year ago, I had a conversation with two amazing 
and much more experienced  ladies in the art world.
I already had it on my "To Do" dream list, but when they said, 
"Start submitting your work to publications", 
I knew it was the conformation that I needed.

My photography skills were severely lacking, but frankly, 
there is ALWAYS going to be some skill that is lacking.

We just have to do the best that we can.

Besides, Designers/Photography Editors can fix big messes :)

This time, I wouldnt even have to worry about that, 
because this particular magazine actually had you 
send OUT your art piece.

OK. Even better!

I'm no expert, but if you are interested in submitting art, 
every magazine, has dates and guidelines for specific calls, 
usually in the back of the issue, 
or you can go to their websites and all of the details will be available, there.

This particular call that I submitted to, 
requested a bit of a Gothic feel.

I knew just the piece!

It was already finished and ready to go.
I packed it up and shipped it out.
Then...I Waited.

MANY months went by, and then this.....:)

I'm NOT going to lie.
I was thrilled!

Out of all of the possible imaginable scenarios, this was a great way to end.

It was so much fun, to see my piece, snuggled right up to great art.
It was curated beautifully and looked so right.

I guess if there were ANY piece that I have ever created that I would say best represents me, 
it would be This One.

I've got this crazy interest in the early 1900's, or better said, 
the High Victorian Era.
Not so much the pastel and ruffly kind of Victorian.
THIS kind of Victorian. 

I thought that I found this image from The Graphics Fairy, but it turns
Still, Karen's site is FULL of fantastic images that she shares. 
I have always thought her to be very generous in the images that 
she makes available to the public.

Who would think of a strong Victorian woman, 
when most women during those days, weren't considered to be that.
We know however, that women have always had to be strong.
Women run the world in so many essential ways.

So, all of my favorite found objects came out to play.
I love layering and layering.
I love to build pieces that the eye keeps moving around and around. 
It keeps things fresh with the observer, always finding new things to look at.

Most of the items used were seriously Victorian.
From the exquisite tatted lace, to the gold trim and of course...the buttons.

Please...see to it that I am buried in Fantastic Buttons ! :)

(This piece is available at my Hastypearl Etsy shop!)

So, this is a simple story of Trying.

We don't have anything to lose if we try and we hear no.
That just means that we try, Again!

Having art published in a magazine, may not be Your Thing, 
but I know that you have One.
Whatever that big dream is, that you've had hidden in your pocket...TRY.

We are all in the same boat. 
Successes and Disappointments even come to your Hero's.
We don't see the background events where they were told No, 
but they've heard it.

They are no different than us.

I hope that this posting encourages you to take that Next Step 
in an area that's special to You!
And when you do...I hope that you will let me know what happens... :)

As Always, thanks so much, for stopping by...

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I hope that you will..:)    


  1. Congratulations!! Wonderful artwork! So excited I found you ..

    1. Thanks Connie. Yes, it's a big world out there. Glad you did , too! Looking forward:) Stop by anytime.Laura