Friday, October 23, 2015

A Peculiar Trip Hastypearl

A Peculiar Trip


As you know, we have a second home in Redstone, Colorado.
Its been a dream of ours for our whole adult lives.
I cant think of a trip, literally since the mid 70's that I wasn't Euphoric 
about every moment we were there.
For me, it has always been...Remarkable!

We spent 9 days there recently for what would be our last trip of 2015.
This trip held no early plans, 
and following a very busy last trip up for an Art Show that I participated in, 
to be honest, I was really just looking forward to chilling and relaxing.

I mentioned on FB, that I would give a report on our trip.

The wheels seemed to come off right from the start.
Really, not any more than a large percent of travelers 
can testify to in modern traveling, 
but it was a challenging trip up.


To shorten the story just went downhill from there.
The details aren't really important, 
although we humans really do Love to tell and hear details :)

What was way more important to me
...was the Peace that I had during the downward spiral.
Yes, we can Practice it in our personal walks, 
but its really about what happens Inside of each of us,
 at those times.

Maybe you aren't even aware of how Peaceful you are, 
because at the time, 
you are really in the Middle of Gods focused Grace on you...
like the pebble that hits in the circle of the waters ripples.

But when people begin to speak back to you, 
that you sure seem to be at Peace about things, 
you Know in your heart, that its True.

At tough times, we have a decision to make...
Am I going to Collapse?...
Or with my (endless) dose of Grace,
am I going to Push through the "assignment against me",
 as a friend recently put it.  

I'm not saying that I get it right every time, 
but I know that the Spirit of Peace is available to me, 
if I'll take it.

As I was downloading and editing these typical Colorado Fall images,
I confess, that for the first time, 
similar shots that have been covered over with Euphoria, 
are this time, colored by a tinged memory of Challenge.

There are soooo many lessons to be learned, 
just from that last sentence.
Still, they represent a time that I KNEW that even with the things 
that were happening to us...

God Was Still In Control.

Regardless of yours and my circumstances... 
THAT wont Ever Change.

The scripture below, is often reserved for funerals, 
to encourage us when we lose a loved one...
but I'd much rather use it for the Living, 
as it is also speaks of an option for Confidence, 
in Challenging times...

Romans 8:38

...And I am Convinced that Nothing can Ever separate us from God's love.

Neither death nor life,

neither angels nor demons,

neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow---

not even the powers of hell can separate us from God's love.

Words of life for Confidence 
...even in Challenging times!

Thanks for stopping by.

You know that I love that you do:)

xo Laura

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