Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Victorian Assemblage Angel Mixed Media Art Doll and Seth Apters Buried Treasure Hunt Hastypearl

Victorian Assemblage Angel Mixed Media Art Doll and Seth Apters Buried Treasure Hunt!     Hastypearl

I was pretty surprised, when I looked to see what my most viewed blog posting was, and discovered, that it was for this early May 2013 Angel!

In those days, I had pretty much Just Started Blogging.
My format was different and I was STRUGGLING with my photography.(sorry for the blur...eek)
Hey...although its improved, I STILL Struggle with photography. I think that it is an ongoing learning curve!

This piece, still to this day, is one of my Favorites. It was a matter of building and engineering and layering and learning...and I loved every minute of it!

So, this Republish, is for Seth Apters Buried Treasure Hunt. Its his great idea, to highlight favorite blog postings from bloggers. I have found and bookmarked TONS of artists from these kinds of events. New friendships can even happen from people connecting in a way that wouldn't EVER happen, otherwise!

So, if you are finding me through the Buried Treasure Hunt...Welcome! ORRR if you just stumbled in to Hastypearl.....welcome to YOU, too! I'm always happy to share with New Readers!

I hope that you will catch up and read from my latest posts, on. I guess I have almost replaced many publications in my life, because of all of the art blogs that I now follow!

In the meantime, let me introduce you to my Assemblage Angel...I hope that you love her as I do!

There will NEVER, be another Mixed Media Mosaic Assemblage Angel like this...again!
I cant wait for you to see her!


I started with the premise of making an Assemblage Angel that would be mounted on a simple vintage kitchen grater.
Well, the grater is still under there, but it's roll of importance diminished.

What happened over the next two days, was nothing short of artistic ENGINEERING (I took her apart three times:), and a wholelottafun!

I can't decide if I like more, my hand painted watercolor paper for her face (which is so pretty, I am going to make greeting cards with it for hastypearl) or the polymer dress that I made and painted.

She is adorned with Angel Necessities and found objects.
Every Angel needs to be dressed and ready for work, after all!

 Seriously and surprisingly, the star of the show, is the cardboard album background.
Weeks ago at an estate sale, I found a very tired Victorian photo album.
It was full of cardboard photograph frames, which I removed and have used in various projects.
But this week, I started deconstructing the front and back covers, peeling away a cracked lacquered layer, sealed them and I couldn't BELIEVE the beauty.
Sealed, they almost look like leather, and the embossing is beautiful!

The significance for me is the date...1892, that I left visible on the back.

That's 121 years old!

What an honor just to hold something that is that old!

I'm kind of thinking I'm not going to be around that long?

How about you?:)

Please enjoy this dimensional artwork that is available on my Etsy shop...hastypearl !

There you go! That's how things looked for my blog, back in May 2013!
Ive changed a few things, and learned a few more, but the basics remain the same, and that is my love for Building and  Layering and Texturing with Found Objects!

Im addicted, and don't seem to know of a cure ;) If you do... Please don't tell me :)

Thanks as always, for stopping in! xoxo Laura


  1. This is so much fun! Popping over from Seth's hop & glad I did. Thanks for sharing

    1. Stacey! So glad that you found me. Hope you will stop in often! Happy Hopping :) Laura

  2. Laura! What a wonderful assemblage- i can see why you love her so and are so proud-as any creator should be! Thank you for sharing this Buried Treasure! She is absolutely a treat!
    Jackie ")

    1. Thanks Jackie! So glad that you found hastypearl, too! Im enjoying the hop as well. Youre welcome to stop in anytime :) Laura