Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mixed Media Wren Collage

Mixed Media Wren Collage
You may remember a while back, an Angel Assemblage (she's on display at Stamp Antonio in San Antonio, but she is available to purchase on my Etsy shop called...hastypearl) that I built on a Victorian Photo Album cover that I deconstructed?
If you haven't read that story, you will find it on my blog.
In that process, I kept finding neat pieces of the book that I was sure could be used in my projects.
Well, I don't HAVE to reveal this, but...this beautiful cover, with the fabulous gilded font, got flipped over, to become the base of my new Wren Collage.
The binding edge of the album, all folded and crumply, is really textural. 
Yeah, you have to do what you have to do, sometimes!
While it will never be seen again,
 at least you are getting to see it here...
Boy, the Victorians, sure knew how to make beautiful things....   
We have a lot of Wrens in our area.
They are SO energetic and noisy.
When they set their minds on nest building, whatever they find to ALL theirs!
Even if its a liner that you have already planted your spring flowers in!
Yep, we had a pair disassemble a trough liner right before our eyes!
I don't know where the nest ended up, but the liner in my tough, literally, had to be replaced!
 So, I decided to dedicate some time to drawing one of my new neighbors and giving some finishing touches with my watercolors.

I liked the nest building concept, so I took embroidery thread and wove it in and out of the holes in some Player Piano paper, that I found at an estate sale.
I imagine it is similar to the process that the Wren uses to weave its nest.
The roll was very old, but held up great to the process.
Do you see a round circle above the weaving...well, that is the pull that is on the bottom of the paper roll. I guess is would be used to attach the paper to the mechanics of the piano.
I loved how the colors of the old ruler coordinated with the composition, so I added it to the bottom.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use some of my special papers and buttons to accent the Wren. 

Finally, I often say on my etsy listings, that you can hang my pieces on your wall (I attach sawtooth hangers on the back) or lean them on you stand or book shelf.
Not everything has to be framed...
Sometimes, I like the casualness of leaning unframed pieces and its certainly more affordable.
This is where Ms. Wren is living in our living room, until she flies away to live with someone new!
You can find her, just listed, on hastypearl.  

I hope you are enjoying your late Spring days and taking the time to stop and listen to the special birdsong that is intensified during "dating" calls, this time of the year!
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I hope you will!
xoxo Laura 

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