Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vintage Parts and Heirloom Arts...Hastypearl

Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art....but, today...mostly Parts!
I've had a nice...warm, of events!
I had a breakthrough ride, on my Quarter Horse Gelding, this morning.
I tried to get to the barn before it got too hot.
Little things can justify as a breakthrough...
Golfers know it, students know it...hopefully, it goes on our whole lives.
It doesn't matter what happened or how big it was to others,...if YOU feel like it was a break WAS!  
 Then, I came home and started sorting through some Vintage Parts that I have accumulated, to begin considering whether I want to list them in hastypearl on Etsy, or put them in my case at the John's Road Antique Mall, in Boerne, Texas.

 It's a neat variety of items. Some for the woman, some for the man. Some, just because....

 I think one of the greatest things about starting to sell more Vintage Parts, is what I learn about them, as I do my research.
For instance, I had no idea that there was a separate Prince Albert tin, just for storing matches.
This tiny tin above, even has grooves on the back, to strike the match.
I loved learning that.

Is this something that your father or grandfather would enjoy receiving, for Fathers Day?

 I found this AMAZING piece of textile handwork, at the Comfort Antique show, from a woman that I always look forward to seeing.
I've looked everywhere for her card to mention her...but I'm afraid my puppy ate it...seriously:)

Anyway, she told me a humorous story...or I guess it was to me!
She said her grown son came in very late one night, after some obvious partying.
He actually woke proud that he had found this special vintage quilt, treasure.
Well, it in fact was places!
Much of it was bug eaten.

She tried to act pleased, but she knew that she was going to have to cut up a fantastic, turn of the last century quilt, basically for salvage.

Well, I was delighted to buy 4 pieces, of the most amazing handwork.
I'm honored just to have such exquisite work, in my possession.

Could you see working this into one of your next mixed media art pieces?
A quilt?
Pillow tops?
My mind has certainly been churning with ideas, since I acquired it!

I guess one inebriated sons' trash, is our treasure:) 


And then, there are just those manly man items, that I have found in boxes, in garages that no longer hum and clank, with that wonderful sound of creating.

I feel like I have to rescue them and pass them along to someone that will appreciate them and hear the missing hum... NEVER hurts that it's this color of green!

Finally, this collection of hand carved woodwork, has a wonderful story.
It came from a wonderful estate garage...I found, tucked away in a shoe box.
It was owned and created by a can always tell by the books on the bookshelves.
My story...I always have to make a story, is...he was the kind of guy whose mind could understand it all...but still had a thirst to learn and teach himself something new.
There are several hand carved items, including his hand drawn pattern in this lot.
I'm so glad that they aren't finished...I love that he was so excited about the next project, that he didn't finish the last!
Which brings me back to where I started.
Are we finding ourselves with exciting "breakthroughs", on a daily basis?
I hope so!
I've never much understood the word ...boring.
There is too much in life to explore, to EVER be bored!
Stay tuned to find out, along with me, what I decide about placement of all of these wonderful items!
Oh, and...
I almost always mention my hastypearl shop in these posts, but have failed to inform you that I have some great hastypearl Pinterest boards that I know you would enjoy.
And, I am daily meeting new friends on Facebook, too!
There are lots of ways to find me!
Thanks guys for reading my blog. I am having a blast seeing what parts of the world that you are reading from!
That makes it all the more enjoyable...
Hope you are enjoying your days...

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