Monday, June 10, 2013

Wow! Its a Small World...or... Right Place, Right Time!

Where's Waldo?
I mean, where is my son, Phillip and where is my AQHA horse trainer...Mike Massey?
Well, most of the time, Phillip, is in North Carolina and Mike, is in Boerne, Texas.
So,...a funny thing JUST happened...
Phillip called, while driving home from work and asked me...
"Mom, what is your trainer's last name, again"?
I said, "Massey".
Phillip said, "Well, Mike just passed me in his horse trailer"!
"What???? NO WAY"!
I had just told Mike and Cori, as they were telling me where in NC they were headed, that if they went through the city where Phillip lives, to give him a toot, with their horn!
I never imagined it would really happen!
So, that's a pretty small world passing, don't you think?
Unfortunately, Mike was on the phone, getting directions to the horse show facility, so I wasn't able to alert him that he had just passed my sweet son, in his little green Mustang!
Has something like that ever happened to you?  
Hope you are having happy days...

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