Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vintage Cigar Box, Vintage Tools, Mixed Media Box, "Flaring Rose"

You can ask my husband, where I head to first, at a great estate sale...
Yep, I'm the tomboy that heads to the workshop, garage or out buildings.
There can be beautiful antiques inside, which I want to eventually see, but I want to know what Papa was doing in his workroom!
This past weekend, I went to a great sale in Comfort, Texas.
The cars lined up the street for the 1940's house, that backs up to the Guadalupe River.
The watch repairman owner, had moved on, but his garage and cellar, left a beautiful rusty legacy, for me to explore.
I filled the bottom of a grocery bag.
This estate business calls me, "The Digger".
"What's this"? I asked the tool specialist.
"Oh, you use that to measure gun powder. That's brass and a nice one! Where did you find it?"
(I like to find things that he misses:)
"How old is this tin oil can", I asked?
Where did you find that"? he asked.
I made this yellow cutie a while back, after scoring some beautiful Vintage Cigar Boxes.
I admit, I'd never paid much attention to one before.
Then, I started noticing, that many of them are quite beautiful.
The wood boxes, are also quite sturdy and useful.
The colors are great, and conducive to my projects.

I love to open them up, line them, and I always add a pouch of dried lavender.
When you open the lid, the fragrance, is pure heaven! 

The finished boxes, are great art pieces or to actually use for storage.
I love the idea of storing special notes in them.
They are also great for your jewelry.
Why settle for a boring box, when instead, it can be fun!
This angel's name is, "Flaring Rose", because that is the name of this water sprinkler!
I couldn't resist using one for her beautiful body!
You can contact me through my Etsy shop, called Hastypearl, if you are interested in owning her!
She is a delight...and smells good, too!
I hope you will check out my shop and see other beautiful ladies in waiting, there!

Hope your days are awesome!

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