Monday, June 10, 2013

Watercolor Card Set Giveaway...and the Winner Is!

Congratulations to Alecia...isn't that a pretty name, for slugging it out, with over 2500 people, strive in competition or rivalry with another; contend for win a set of my cards!
(That was could almost hear the Rocky theme in the background, right?;)
Anyway, the contest must have gone on for about a month.
In the meantime, lots of Alecia's fellow contenders, stopped in to check out Hastypearl and a number are now following all of my boards on Pinterest!
So, I packed up the set of Original Hand Painted Watercolor Cards, and a sweet free collage bookmark, and sent the package off to it's new home, in Minnesota!

 Along the way, there were over 40 nice comments about my items in Hastypearl, from the men and women, that were signed up for the cards! I must thank the great gals over at Twoclassychics, who showed interest in my shop and art...and gave me a really great boot! They are in the review and giveaway business and are tops, in that field!

So, it was a fun ride and neat experience!
I have a couple of other groups that will be doing the same card set giveaways and I will let you know when those take place!
Here's to a little good spirited... competition, rivalry and and then!

Just so you know, I carry sets, similar to Alecia's, in my Hastypearl shop, all of the time.
I don't mind saying, that they are affordable art, suitable for framing, or, that you would be proud to send to someone special, as a gift set, or even open up for yourself and send a REAL HANDWRITTEN note, to someone that you love!

I promise that you would love them:)

Hope you are enjoying your days...


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Your cards are gorgeous and you deserve the Kudos! Congrats to the lucky winner(s)

    Chris - one of the TwoClassyChics

  2. Well Chris, You have the neatest job in the whole world!
    How many people get to pass along really neat free items, to people who really want them!
    You are Santa...January through November!
    Thanks for the thumbs up!