Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Orange" You Glad It's Fall? Warm Colors Hastypearl

"Orange" You Glad for Autumn?  :)
Warm Colors
For years, our vacationing family, would drive to visit the Colorado Mountains.
We always teased about people jumping out and playing in the first patch of snow that they saw.
Its normal, especially for those of us that don't often see snow.
Well, the following images are kind of like that.
We've had our first freeze in South Central Texas...finally, and the foliage colors are starting to change!
So, out came the camera today...even though its a little early!
The understory trees in the foreground, are Flame Sumac.
Don't worry.
They aren't itchy, like their cousins!
I had a plants man explain to me one time, that just like human siblings with different color hair, plants enjoy genetic diversity as well.
That explains why several identical species, side by side, may be different colors.

The Purple berries are called appropriately...Beauty Berry.
They are Native to Texas.
I think they look great beside their neighbors.

This is our almost one year old, Darcy Doodle, carrying  one of her Many babies, right before she completely shredded one of four of our patio set chair cushions.

...and she annoys her much older Airedale sister, Lola.

This three year old Mexican Arroyo 'Sweetwood", will be covered in fragrant white flowers in the spring, that you can smell many yards away.
Our Koi enjoy sporting fall colors year, 'round!
We had a nice batch of babies this year.
The large trees are Red Oaks.
Our number one staple for color in the fall.
They are a brittle tree, apt to snap to the ground in a strong wind, and are susceptible to the devastating Oak Wilt disease, so you enjoy them with fingers crossed .
This is a long view, on a foggy day, from our upper deck.
The hills in the distance will be lit up with color soon.
Another freeze is forecast for this coming weekend.
And yes, I probably "jumped in the first patch of snow" by sending these early pictures, but I promise, it will only get better!
Hope you are enjoying your days wherever You live!
Has your Fall Color already passed?
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  1. what a beautiful post Laura!
    such a treat as our leaves have fallen
    but sunshiney skies today
    your garden and koi are so gorgeous
    loved strolling trough your piece of heaven...

    xox - eb.

  2. Isnt America amazing. So much space. So much diversity in the landscape. Glad you enjoyed Fall in South Central Texas. Its our reward for surviving the summers ;)

  3. What spectacular pictures to look at Laura, especially now that all the leaves on the trees in NYC are gone!

  4. Yes, it is an amazing and vast Country we live in. As the wave of cool sweeps over it, every part gets its time to shine! Laura