Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mixed Media "MOSTLY" Whites! Hastypearl

Mixed Media Art
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For a person that Really Loves Color, I was surprised, at how many times MOSTLY White things have shown up on this blog, over the months!
You'll See!
When you live in a warm climate, you simply MUST grow white things to Cool You Off and to catch your eye in the Moonlight!

I had these listed on hastypearl, but withdrew them, because I think they MUST be turned into something Wonderful for Christmas!
I LOVE that you can still see the imprint of those Adorable Vintage Toes!
See Them?
These are SOLD...I can see Why!

These SOLD to a wonderful woman that said they were Perfect for her dollhouse!
You can meet the nicest people when you own an online business.

This Iris in our backyard is one of those that slip in very quietly and surprise you on your walks.

This Mixed Media Angel is named...Wise, for the beautiful Owl, she wears on her Crown.
She is waiting for her forever home and is priced at $ 60.00.
Hop over and See the Owl. 


These Fairy Houses with Vintage Hinge Roofs, are placed on a table in our living room.
Sometimes, I think I hear Giggling and Singing coming from that direction at night:)
They are $ 36.00 each.
They would be great with your Holiday...or Anytime, décor.
This Mixed Media piece is called, Hold Life.
There is an image of a mother and her children, after bath time, inside of the Shadow Box.
It is exquisite and waiting for its Forever Owner.
It is priced at $ 118.00.

The Lonely Letter Q
I LOVE it:)
I guess its not So Lonely as I also have a B and an A, if you know anyone whose name starts with Those Letters!

I just listed three Lovely Buglers today! beautiful.
Celluloid, from the 1940's, only $10.00 each.

Polymer Clay Hearts for the ones that you love.
The Cluster of Vintage Buttons ALONE, make me Swoon:)

Set of 4 Blank cards.
My line drawings of De-si-ra-ble Furniture!
Perfect, ready to go gift for $16.00.
There are other interesting packs of original Greeting Cards on hastypearl.
I fix them up really sweet before mailing them.

shhh...there it is again....did you hear that singing....?
That was fun!
White is a color, Too!
Hope you had fun seeing some things from earlier blog days and Some New things as well.
I hope you will consider handmade when you start creating your gift list.
There's Nothing like it in a Box Store and often priced just as affordable!
Thanks So Much for checking in with me here at my hastypearl blog.
It Really Makes me Happy that You do!
xoxo Laura 


  1. Beautiful series of white! Perfect for the winter/holiday season!

  2. Hey Seth! I still owe you some pics of the follow up assemblage to the last pouch piece that I did. Its actually in the drying stage as we speak. Enjoyed seeing the new backgrounds that you learned how to do. Hope you will give us some tips on how you did them! White On! Laura

  3. I love the houses with hinges for roofs - so clever and cute!

  4. Thanks Jennifer. They were a bit of an engineering challenge, but that is what makes creating so interesting and fun! Laura