Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mixed Media Assemblage Hold Hastypearl

Mixed Media Assemblage
This Piece has been in a state of development for a couple of months.
That sounds heavy.
It really wasn't.
The Parts were all just waiting patiently, to Come Together.
It started with a purchase of a Vintage Scrabble game.
I think I've used the top and bottom of the box and this half of the game board, already.
They are all perfect shapes and sizes for a Assemblage base.
Also, the backs are just as cool as the front!
Two for One:)
Then, I found a couple of really neat Leather Pouches.
This Pouch, is actually the Inside Pouch of a Previous Piece, that I did a couple of blog posts back.
(maybe you would enjoy looking back and reading it:)
I bought it at an local estate sale.
The Man that owned it, was a retired engineer and clearly had loved and used it for MANY years.
I'm a sucker for that story, on So many levels!
Sometimes, I like to keep my pieces Neutral...neither Masculine or Feminine.
Its really easy when you mix up your materials.
I enjoy making these wrapped wire ribbon, "Beads".
The ribbons replicate the colors in my hand painted paper.
I think my collection of ribbon and yarn, brings Texture and Movement to this Piece.

So, here's the really great Pouch.
Can you see?
This piece actually slid inside of a Larger Pouch.
I wonder what kind of favorite and essential Tools fit inside the divided spaces?
Tools of the Trade!
I'll bet he never left home Without them.

Maybe you've noticed, my business name has the word...Hasty, in it.
I never really thought myself  SO hasty, but in some Positive Ways, I think I am.
I'm not the most Compulsive person on the planet.
(I know Their names...I can tell you later ;)
Yes, I have a plan, but while Creating...I like to try to let things... Just Happen.
For instance, I Literally, just Reached in a Button Bag and LOOK what Came Out!
It doesn't ALWAYS work, but look how PERFECT these Three AMAZING buttons work together on this piece.
I'm not sure that I could have made Better Selections, with Any Amount of time spent.
You DONT HAVE to use what you grab if you don't like it, but its kind of fun to just
Trust the Process and have a little Reckless Fun ;)

Another example of Wild, Reckless Fun ;)... was with the Dictionary Page.
About half way through the building of this piece, I started thinking about what I could name it.
I don't Always name Pieces, but this time....
I thought of the word....HOLD.
On a literal level, the pouch certainly was a "Holder".
So, I got out my vintage dictionary to use as a layer, and thought...
Wow...wouldn't it be awesome if the word Hold, was at the Top of the page.
As you can see...It WAS!!!
The name HOLD, was Meant to Be!
Such a Fun thing when it all works out! 

So, start to finish, this piece took about 2 months, to come together.
No Stress.
Its parts', just sat in a "Holding" area, Building Itself, as time passed.
It's Great when you have Time, to let things Steep a little and...
 Happen as they Will.
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing it!
I'll list it on Etsy hastypearl, this week!
Thanks so much for checking in...and remember to HOLD On to what is Good and Perfect, and let the rest....Go! 
xoxo Laura

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