Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Blooms Acrylic Mixed Media Hastypearl

May Blooms 

Acrylic Mixed Media


I'm really enjoying...Jus' Playin' in the studio these May Days.

I mean, there is so much going on in these two pieces.
There are all manner of compounds under the paint. 
If you feel them, they feel like topographical maps!
I also laid down wire and metallics and then covered them up.

Waiting quietly for you to find them on both pieces, are some Red Poppies.
Can you see them?

Hey, its May and its time to Celebrate...the Flowers!





When I tilted them into the light, it made the copper metallics more evident.



xoxo Happy May


  1. Hey Laura - your cousin Mev was in our shop, Roadhouse Arts in Bulverde, to work on her wire wrapping with me, and she introduced me to your blog! Since you love mixed media, I thought you'd like to know that Seth Apter will be here next fall to teach two workshops with us! Hope to meet you one of these days - love your stuff. :-)

    1. Thanks Fransesca, Thanks for the heads up. I contacted him and am looking forward! I will definitely take part in that. Yes, lets get together soon :)
      Its a small world, isn't it! Laura