Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mothers Day 2014 Hastypearl

Mothers Day 2014


Well, here we are!

The Mothers with 130 years of Mothering Experience between us.

My Mother is 85. 
Isn't it interesting, that after a certain age, and I don't know what it is officially, 
 it seems to be acceptable, to say a woman's age.
In my mothers case, as you look at her, its because she has Somewhere, 
seemed to Find the Fountain of Youth.

On the other hand, I would NEVER say my Sisters age. 
That must be because she hasn't reached that magic number, yet!

So as our kids weren't in town, it was a day for the Three Originals, to be together.
And that almost always means...Mexican Food!!!

There are a million restaurant choices in San Antonio, but one that we frequent, is near my Mothers though we were all stuffed, 
we went back to her house, for some Impromptu Celebrating and Chatting.

Mothers ALWAYS love Chatting!

My Mother, has lived in the same house since the early 60's.
That turned out to be a good thing, when we lost my Father.

Check out her great collection of Milk Ware, and some commemorative plates, from the church that she has also attended for that long.

And Then Enter...the Cherry on the Top of the Day...
a Collection of Seriously Chocolate Cakes.

We sampled all and came fairly close, to finishing them off. :)
Sweet Misery!

Its wonderful, to have family nearby...and to be able to say that that has been true, our whole lives.

And like last year, I got a happy surprise from both of my Out Of Town Sons.

These Stargazer Lilies from One...(you should see them NOW, with almost all blooms open), 
and a Skype call from the Other including my Grand Granddaughter, Katherine Anne!

The days and years fly by, but its Wonderful to have Loved Ones to Mark them with.

I hope your Mothers Day was Wonderful, too!

Glad that you stopped by to Hastypearl...and

maybe Next Posting, I will be able to Disclose where that Fountain of Youth, is! :)

xoxo Laura

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