Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mixed Media Acrylic Collage Cross Training! Hastypearl

Mixed Media Acrylic Collage

Cross Training!

I thought that you might enjoy seeing something that I worked on in my studio, last week.

I had SO MUCH FUN playing in a way that I'm not as accustomed to.
After reading Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard's book, Acrylic Solutions, I got busy on an assemblage box, which is easier for me, but this piece on today's posting, was more of a departure.

I love that the ladies first encourage in their book, layering the board with Texture...of all kinds.
Now THAT, is right up my "mixed media alley"!

I started with crackle paint and burlap, and the horizontal mushroom brown line on the bottom, is actually done on the lining of a 1940's men's silk tie! Hey, I couldn't help it...I've got STUFF you know!
The little circles, are some round pieces of cardboard, 
and with all of the linear shapes, I like the little circles standing tall for themselves.

I placed the finished piece on some black card stock to photograph, and wow, 
it really made the blacks in the piece, pop!
Black would definitely be a great color choice for matting or framing. 

Top Half

Bottom Half

Finished piece leaning up against a frame.

I like how it looks, but I love how it Feels.

There is a lot of texture and that's always important to me.
Not only does it feel good, but texture lends itself to depth and shadows, that a flat surface wont.

I Loved this Exercise!
Its good, to get out of the regular groove that you are in, in whatever category you want to apply that to.

I read once, that if you repeat the same physical exercise over and over again, you muscles memorize it and the effectiveness goes down. That is why Cross Training was invented.
If Cross Training is good for the Body, its got to be good for the Artists Brain, too!

Try it! Who knows, you just might be surprised...and have some Fun :)

As Always...Im So, glad that you stopped in!
Have you done anything New lately, that you were surprised to have enjoyed?
xoxo Laura 


  1. Laura, you have found your groove! I love how this piece is so bold and contemporary. Keep 'em coming.

    1. Thanks...isn't it wonderful? There is so much to learn, and experiment with! You never know what will be next.:) Laura

  2. This is so awesome Laura. I think it's difficult to make art like this because I never know which shapes to put where...which color to put next to the last...etc and you did it perfectly. Fun! Interesting! And eye-catching!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Like I said, its a whole new fold in the brain that we look for! You however can ONLY paint figures, and faces, and houses and chairs....andandand...I think you have enough in those folds to paint indefinitely! Ill take one like Lisa is having, please! xo Laura

  3. YES! Art cross training! Love this!

  4. Coined a new one, right? Lead on Julie! :) Laura