Sunday, December 1, 2013

Are You Experienced? Yes, Jimi Hendrix...Thanks to Elizabeth Bunsen! Hastypearl

Are You Experienced?
Yes, Jimi Hendrix...Thanks to Elizabeth Bunsen!
You know the song.
Are You Experienced?
Well, I think that previous Elizabeth Bunsen buyers, would know the Connection to that songs question, that I am suggesting.
What arrived in the mail yesterday, put me in a special group of people that have
"Experienced" artist extraordinaire, Elizabeth Bunsen.
Recently on Facebook, Elizabeth displayed some of her incredible eco dyed yarns and asked which color people liked the best.
I immediately responded...Saffron!
She dyes papers, and fabrics and yarns... in all things natural...
The Saffron, was the Most Beautiful to me.
Some days later, I read her blog.
She has a separate online site, where she Sells her art.
I went there.
Right before my eyes...I love the timing of special moments...was the Tiny Stone, that was wrapped in the Saffron dyed yarn...that I had previously, Favorited!
The "Buy" button, was the next thing I remembered!
I've never bought from Elizabeth before, so I could tell from the pictures, that there would be papers, fabrics, but I wasn't really sure what else.
The Package came in a non descript mailer.
The Signs that Something Special was about to happen, came Early....
or...she Had Me with her first String!
Second, a layer of lime green tissue wrapped in a "To Die For Yarn"...was the Second Sign that this was going to be...
I Opened, and Opened, and Opened.
How could a small mailer, hold such Wonder? :)
Truth is...I still hadn't even got to the Part That I Had Bought!
See, I contacted Elizabeth about sending her some leaves from my South Texas Garden...
and apparently she Sweetened the pie with...well..extra sweetness!
Somehow, I get the feeling, that she would have Done That, Anyway...

The Experience was like a Christmas that you dream about...
At this point in the postings, I Still haven't got to the Purchase....

Finally....the Purchase...
Purples, lavenders, limes and orange...

A Beautiful Zine of blues and rusts and browns...
What will I DO with all of this?
I will wait.
Like the Controlled Anticipation that came while opening the Gift, I will take my time and Know what I want to do with Each Piece...
Why Hurry?
Until then, the Whole Thing, will stay Intact and be Displayed, Just Like It Came.
I have plenty of table tops, just waiting for a Change!
...finally...a Thanks from EB
Thanks to YOU...EB!
Now, Lovely Hastypearl Readers...Run...and Be Experienced! :)
...oh, and Elizabeth...your leaves are on their way !
I can only Imagine what wonderful things you will Do with them:)
I'm so glad that I got to share this special experience with you and that you are reading my hastypearl blog.
I hope that you will sign up...over on the right side of this page... to follow me by email and receive notice of my blog postings!
...until we meet again....Happy Sunday to All...


  1. experienced
    and following now too...
    whee hasty pearl!!!
    what a post
    you see
    I do love the wrapping,
    and wrapping
    the joy
    of the unwrap
    you are the best


    thank you so much for sharing the unwrap
    let's do it again...

    can't wait to cook me some southern leaves,
    xox - eb.

    1. Keep the pot warm...they are one their way...and maybe a few creatures will be relocating to your neighborhood. Don't think they will last long as they are kind of used to warm. Was 82 here today:) Thanks again...L

  2. Oh Laura, what a beautiful post and amazingly exciting package from eb. I am honored to have gotten a very special parcel from her once too. You described the joy perfectly!

    1. You know what they say about Giving. The Giver gets a blessing as well as the Recipient! Im Sure you have been on Both ends, Roxanne! xoxo Laura