Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Angel Mixed Media Assemblage Hastypearl

Christmas Angel
Mixed Media Assemblage
I've thought a lot about what really gets my juices going with my Art.
Drawing does.
Watercolors do.
Collage definitely...
what I REALLY enjoy doing, is digging through my studio drawers, and pulling out my favorite pieces...on that day...
and doing a little engineering and assemble something!
The harder the putting together, the better!
Now, its going to have a historical bent.
That's just who I am.
Maybe that will show up in lace or something rusty, but I'm just too romantic about history, to not include Vintage.
That is what happened with this Christmas Angel !
My shop is full of them.
All colors.
All sizes.
All mediums.

There's just something reassuring about an Angel!
They don't all have to be sweet like this one.
I've done Michael, the Arch Angel, with his foot on Satan's neck, too.
But at this time of year, as we dress our homes for Hanukah and Christmas Celebrations,
its nice to have a few around, as Reminders.

Maybe you will click on over to hastypearl, and see what I mean.
I think you will enjoy it:)

I'm so glad that you stopped by to read this post.
I've enjoyed some Lovely New Visitors, thanks to Elizabeth Bunsen's note on her FB wall, about my last blog post.
See...there we are...already back on the subject of Angels! ;)
I hope that your days are Wonderfilled...
xoxo Laura 

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