Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wren Mixed Media Collage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Collage
When I mentioned this little watercolor piece that is available at Hastypearl, on my Facebook wall this morning, I realized, that I had never shown it on this blog before.
I've told the story, about the two wrens who in two days time, deconstructed one of our flower basket liners, to use it for materials for their spring nest!
They weren't greedy!
They didn't take it ALL :)
In South Texas, their songs are such a reliable, happy sound.
I Love having them as neighbors, so I was only a little grumpy, to replace what was left of the liner!
So, I did a little tribute for them with this collage piece.

I think that I could draw and paint all day, but alas...I too have a nest to keep!

To me, there is nothing more useful, than the Victorian photo cards, that come in the albums that I look for at estate sales.
The Art on them Alone, is inspiring.
The flowers and vines made a happy home to my water colored wren!
The quote by Josh Billings, is fantastic!
I've never thought of that great feeling that you get from the act of generosity or giving, as something that lives on...just by our thinking of it!
Every person Gives in their own way, but this time of the year, is our families time of sharing, and it is one of my Favorite Times of the year.
God has been so Generous to us in this Country...and it is Wonderful to Give Back!

So...lets all consider more, how we can practice Generous Charity, in whatever form we choose, as we approach the end of another year!
..."you'll draw a dividend, every time you think of it"! 
Thanks for checking in ...

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