Friday, December 6, 2013

Hastypearl Happy First Birthday! Mixed Media Art, Whimsies and Necessities

Happy First Birthday!
Mixed Media Art, Whimsies and Necessities :)
!Long Post Alert!
I'll try to make it worth your While!
Because this posting is untypically large, instead of enlarging each picture, like I usually do, if You want to enlarge, simply click on the picture:) 
Well, WHERE? HOW? does anyone ever encapsulate an entire
YEAR of Astonishment?
I know.
You've been busy, too.
We all have been, but I must say, that this past year, has been
Wonderfully Amazing, and Full!
To Start...
I had had the dream for Years, to open a shop on Etsy.
Just the concept, was all that I had.
For some reason, the Idea had Captured me.
I have always Made, gifted, donated, but the "take a leap" decision to put myself out there and become part of a worldwide market place, was a big deal for me!
It came together in a totally Providential Way.
More than once, in conversation, I would say something like...I would love to open a shop on Etsy, but I don't have the technical skills to do it...and someone like ...Jill,  CollectedMess, ...
would quietly say...Ill help you.
It went on like that ALL YEAR LONG!
I think, If we can humble ourselves and acknowledge that we need help...
Provision for us, has already been made!!!  
It wasn't all just Hastypearl...
there was sooooo much More, going on!
March, brought the Arrival of our Goldendoodle, Darcy, who had been more Difficult to get,
than you could ever know.
Bless my Peeps for going through numerous announcements of finding  a dog,
and having it fall through.
Darcy, all the way from Atlanta, for OUR family...was Meant to Be!
This was my first Large mixed media piece to Sell.
It surprised me how hard it was to let it go, but Woohoo,
it was a Fun Feeling!

Lola, She was a Showgirl, began again, the arduous task of raising yet Another, little sister!
The Joy of Engineering and Making, Continued!

There were daily Walks on the property, with the girls.
This one resulted in finding a far hidden, that who KNOWS how I saw it.
I took this selfie, imagining  what it must look like for a little Creature, to have a Giant spying on him :) He happily was relocated to the creek behind our property!

Then there was the willy nilly decision, to open a small case, in a shop in Boerne.
I will sadly be closing it at the end of 2013.
It was So much fun, but not productive.
I do have my name on the list for a larger space, should any of the long time space owners decide to let one go.
There was continued gift making and giving...Welcome to planet Earth, Ms. Savanna Grace!

After I took the next step and started this Blog, again thank you Jill, I participated in some
Blog giveaways!
That was a lot of fun!

There came a Mothers Day surprise, from my soft hearted Son.
The Joy that came from That, lasted a Long time!

After endless begging for her return, I enjoyed again learning from my Bestest Mentor, Laurie Mika.
Like it or not, and I've told her this, she was one of my First Influences and I imprinted on her like a baby duck to its mother!
She's been inspiring to me, in So Many Ways!

From the Beginning, my Motto for Hastypearl was,
vintage parts and heirloom art.
It took a while, but I eventually started listing...the vintage half of that motto.
I have had great support on hastypearl, for those items that I find and fall in love with.
I will never carry something in my shop, that doesn't speak to me both in originality, historically, and a sense that it was Special to a Human, in their lives.
That seems to translate to my buyers.
One of the last things that I write on my sold items thank you note, is...that I hope they will let me know what they do with it.
I hear the most amazing things...that I would NEVER have imagined... and I LOVE that.
This year was 38 years of marriage to a
A golfer...
Can you tell by the card that I made him? :)
Angels have repeatedly been a theme for hastypearl.
This is a Mixed Media Box that I made at Laurie Mikas' class.
I inscribed the word, "LAMB" in Hebrew, on the polymer tile on the bottom.
That is Who I Am, And Who I Serve.
Its a Very Special Word to me.

Through art classes and blogs, I have made friends that I NEVER could have imagined that I would.
At every turn, there is a New Life out there for me to connect with.
I love that we can NEVER have enough Friends and Helpers, and that there is an Endless Supply, to choose from!
This is Vivien Brown...BEAUTIFUL...inside and out and she has a Lovely shop on Etsy called,
TheRiverWalk. A Must Look!
This is a triptych that I made in Laurie's class where I used a Beautiful Found Vintage Dresden Angel!!!
What a perfect piece to incorporate into my Mixed Media Shrine.
She doesn't think that I can see her.
Those hilarious ears give her away all of the time ;)
Annually, I do a tribute of my incredible Special granddaughter, Katherine Anne...
This one, is hanging in our entry hall.
 When I showed it to her on Skype...she said she "didn't like that butterfly"!
I suppose it might look like it was attacking her.
I Love to engineer.
This piece of Tiny House Love, went to New York, to live with a Special Mentor,
artist Elizabeth Rosen.
All I can say to her is....Thanks!
And all I can say to You, dear reader is....go look at Her Etsy shop, ElizabethRosenArt.
I want to BE her when I grow up! 
There were sooo many of These Sunsets this year.
If you want to, about the time of Your sunset, You can imagine me Running for my camera and taking yet Another picture, of My sunsets.
They are fleeting Gifts...Given to us, almost Everyday.
What did we do to deserve such???
As we come to a close on my year, it became apparent, early summer, that it was going to be a possibility, that Larry and I, were going to see a Long Time Dream, come true.
We didn't rush it.
It was meant to be.
For years, a home that we had actually looked at on previous summer vacations, still hadn't sold.
The treacherous economy and rock bottom interest rates, had allowed this home to... Wait for Us.
Simply put...
Our Dream Came True and Evergreen Lane, in Redstone Colorado, awaits our Return Visits!

UNTIL we can, it will be available for YOU, on VRBO #497230
PLEASE, do your Family a Favor and GO THERE!
I created our site on VRBO, to describe its virtues.
And Now I'm telling you, that if you do ...
So, in a Years Time in our Lives... Lots of Things Happen.
Some... Most...are Wonderful!
I didn't post many pictures of myself on this blog over the year, but this was a very Happy selfie, that I took last summer when I was creating....
I leave you with This Heart...and MY Grateful all of you who have supported
this Unfolding Dream...called Hastypearl.
Each of you...who Unknowingly Helped me and Encouraged me...
Thank You!!
I live a Dreamy Life!
Tight hugs...and I hope you will continue to follow me Next Year, as we continue to
See what Happens with Hastypearl!
I think its going to Be Great :)
xoxo Laura
ps...if you want to receive email notices, when I have posted on this blog...and I promise, my postings arent Ever this Long, just subscribe, on the right sidebar!
I would love to have you join me as I sometimes get...


  1. well miss hasty p, i just left a comment but i guess it didnt go through. suffice to say, i am glad i met you and love that you are enjoying art, nature...making/selling things! you inspire ME! :)

  2. Ha Secret Pal, it Did go Through! YOU inspire me. Making the sacrifices that you do...sometimes I want you to just go get a job...but You Insist On Making Art!
    So proud of you and what you do at PaulaArt on Etsy.
    Now, go have a great sale weekend...Welder Girl! :) Laura

  3. Loved reading this, Laura. You are truly an 'artiste'! I will look forward seeing what you have done with your gorgeous new mountain retreat when you are back in Redstone. Your friend, Betsy

  4. Thanks Betsy! I will love having you as my mountain neighbor! You will have to get me in shape for one of your "walk to another town" hikes! Maybe we could just start with walking down the street ;) Stay warm in that beautiful snow! Laura

  5. Dear Laura
    When Seth Apter released his new book (The mixed-media artist) last october, you left a comment about my art that made me incredibly happy. 
    I have so much work at the hospital right now, so many night shifts and my two daughter’s need so much attention that I didn’t find time to thank you yet.
    But today, I finally sat down and wrote a note to everyone of you.
    I wish I could answer to every comment that’s been left on my blog since I started it and thank everyone who ‘faved’ an art journal page on my flickr account but if I want to have time left to paint in my journal, it is simply impossible.
    That’s also the reason why I don’t have a facebook account, I don’t tweet or never wander on pinterest and all the other gorgeous photo-sharing websites.
    Anyway, I am grateful for all the kind words you’ve left. You cannot imagine what a support they are.
    Thank you so much.
    Nathalie Nayer

  6. Nathalie, your Art speaks for itself. You are unique...fresh!
    I just mentioned to my husband this morning, that all I wanted to do today was work on two for my granddaughter and one for my grandniece. You already KNOW, what time it is...late...and Im still trying to finish them.
    We do it because we love it and we make it happen in its OWN time!
    I loved hearing from you and....Keep Creating!