Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 Hastypearl

Christmas 2013
Yes, the season of Christmas has come and gone...Another year.
I've had 57 of them, now!
I've experienced It in a lot of different homes, other families homes, and somehow, its Magnificence, Still Holds me Captive.
As an artist, its easy to be seduced by an overload of stimuli...everywhere... to the beauty of icons, music, tastes and fragrances.
Angels...the Messengers of God, are often central in my art pieces.
Mine may be made from a rusty wrench, but Those that do battle on my behalf daily...Not So.

There is nothing wrong with symbols or icons.
We all use them.
They are tools that we use to Remember.
To Celebrate.

But it's The Message, that deserves prominence, this time of year.
As a Christ Follower, its a Reverently Reflective time for me.
More than a baby.
More than an icon.
More than a celebration.
Its about....Surrender.
Not a word that is very popular in our culture, but an irrevocable Gift, when Chosen.

So, its quiet here, after the rush, and while I love the rush...I love the reflective quiet, too.
The time before the end of another year, where we have time to Think and Be Thankful.
Thankful for Grace.
Thankful for Mercy.
Thankful for the Opportunity for New Beginnings...Every Day New Beginnings.
...Receptive to The Gift.
This was the sky outside my second story deck on Christmas Morning.
Just me and The Creator.
A Creator that is Big Enough for All...and for just... Me.
I love that.

So...I hope your days have been Remarkably Full of an Awareness of Love.
An Unexplainable Love...towards Us All!
xoxo Laura 


  1. your embrace of BEauty
    is the gift and the message
    happy happy happy day

    xox - eb.

  2. There's no time to waste!
    Gotta take it all in :)
    You do that Very well, Elizabethl! Laura