Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angel Sculpture Statuary Mockingbird Surprise

On 2013 Fathers Day, as I have since 1992, I took flowers from my garden and placed them on my fathers grave.
You may have seen that blog posting.
As I was leaving, I saw this beautiful angel sculpture, and couldn't resist getting out of the car and taking her picture.
She was lovely and rests tirelessly at the grave of a young woman.

Then again, in another part of the cemetery, I saw a similar sculpture and got ready to take her picture, and just as I did....

Texas' state bird, the mockingbird, arrived, and out of all of the places in the cemetery that it could have chosen, it lighted and stayed, right there in front of me, on her wing as if to say....
"All is Well"....
What a powerful and lovely message!  

I pray "it is well", with you, today!

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