Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mixed Media Bluebird Collage Assemblage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Bluebird Collage Assemblage
So, it all started with birds!
I'm into them.
Well, not so much Starlings, because they are arch enemies of the me...Purple Martins...but that's another story, for another time!
I drew and water colored Wrens. Then I drew and water colored Bluebirds.
Both are fascinating studies, to be sure.
Then, as often happens to me, I woke up one morning, with this idea of a circle of a map...around the birds.
Sounded interesting.
I worked out an appropriate sized circle and cut it out and placed it under the Bluebirds.

Not one to be satisfied with one layer on much of anything, I began layering with my stash of ephemera.
Player piano music, old engineering templates, ledger paper...
It was starting to look right!

I got the idea, to feature a city. Why not?
This prototype, features Baltimore...but why not Phoenix, or Miami...or Your hometown.
Everyone has a special, place...right?

I finished the piece off, with a row of buttons and a bit of thread in the females mouth, because after all, we females love to nest.

I'm really happy with how this Mixed Media Collage turned out.
I've already sold a non collage and collaged version (for someone from Lansing...but's a surprise;) of the Bluebird.
If you have someone that loves birds, that you are looking for a unique gift for, I can customize with either the Bluebirds or Wrens...featured on another project listing on Hastypearl.
We can do any city that you like and any color thread that you prefer!
It's a lovely way to tell someone that you love, that they and their favorite place, are special!
You can find the Baltimore listing on Hastypearl.
Just convo me, and we can work out your special, custom details!
I hope that you enjoyed seeing the process of this project.
If you haven't checked out my hastypearl Etsy shop in a while, be sure to do that.
I've also got some neat Hastypearl Pinterest boards going, as well.
You can use the buttons on the right side of this posting, to hop over to either.
Thanks for following along on my blog...
It really matters to me that you do:)

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