Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hastypearl's Mixed Media Collage "Custom Sinks"

Hastypearl's  "Custom Sinks"!
Well, there are just times, that you have to take things into your OWN hands!
If you Imagine colorful sinks, that just aren't being manufactured, and of course you do...
then you MUST be Forced to make them YOURSELF!
YES, I think we should be able to Buy patterned sinks, like these, that I put in my collages! :)
Seriously, designers have done just about every shape they can...but WHEN do we get to see pattern like this?

I spent a rainy afternoon, drawing furniture and sinks and tubs ON PATTERNED paper, and this was the result.
I then, gathered up lots of maps, and graphics and advertising, and had some fun making this pair of collages.
Don't you just love the ad below, that was on the cover of a mending kit, for your Silk Stockings!
Hmm, today, If we were to wear stockings and get a run in them, they would be Tossed, not mended!

This sink below, is featured in a hand gouached frame, that was on the cover of some very old sheet music. The graphics from right after the turn of the century, are always so Gothic and detailed.
Maybe it made the choirs sound better!
I also used a copy, of an engineers green template.
 I just love to use them in my pieces.
I also used some found vintage seam tape on this piece.
Remember when it was used inside of garments?

I couldn't resist the bathroom tile reference, and added some shimmery glass tiles. 

These two lively original pieces would really look cute, in a Bathroom or Dressing Area.
They are both 5" x 7", and I sized them a little larger so they can be custom framed, or placed in a store bought frame.
I confess, I often just leave them unframed and lean them, around my house.
I have even been known, to glue a small saw tooth hanger on the back and hang them from a straight pen, hammered in the wall.
Straight pens can hold up Surprisingly heavy items, but would totally be perfect, for something as light as these pieces! 

So, you can find these, at my Hastypearl shop!
They are super affordable for gift giving or...hmmm...why not for you?!
I hope you will visit the shop often, as I am always adding new items.

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If you don't know already, I'm not terribly annoying with constant posts, so you might enjoy getting the alert.
There are certainly blogs that I enjoy following this way!
I'm also having a ton of fun and am really quite humbled, seeing where people from all over the world, are reading this blog!
It's really astounding, how close we can be, from so far away! 
Well, I hope you feel "sudsy clean", after seeing all of these sinks...and from here on...
Let's Chant Together...
Down With Plain White Sinks!

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