Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vintage Parts Hastypearl!

 Hitting Estate Sales is FUN!!!!
Before you know it, you've found Vintage things that pull at your Heartstrings!
These items below, are available either at my shop, Hastypearl on Etsy, or in my case
in Boerne, Texas.   
Sometimes, the items that I find, are functional, like these molds, once used for Jell-O, but are now fun for making mini cakes... or angel wings in an art project:)

Sometimes, they are just fun to own!
Don't you wish you found your tea bags, at the grocery store, packaged like this, instead of thin cardboard boxes:)

Sometimes, the items would look great in a baby's room...

Sometimes, Papa, used it in his shop, and you just want it, to remind you of him!

I listed these industrial casters because, I use them in my Mixed Media Assemblage projects, but my buyers are wanting them, to put under chairs and tables, to make them mobile or to raise them up.
I counted 9 pieces of furniture at out house, that have casters under them!

And sometimes, you just want something because it is your FAVORITE COLOR !

Whatever the reason, come on by and take a look at what is new at Hastypearl.
It changes ALL of the time!
I also have some enjoyable boards on Pinterest, that I think you would enjoy!
Check those out, here...
Hope you are enjoying your days...Make them Count!


  1. i LOVE jello molds. i have a few around that i use for storage.

  2. Elevating their value and usefulness...even more! Here's to the humble jell-o mold:)