Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phlox paniculata ' John Fanick' Garden Phlox with Hastypearl

Yep, I am a Stubborn Gardener!
I have a gardening friend.
She's tropicals, I'm desert.
She likes geraniums, I like agave.
Well, if you live long enough, you learn that there is room in a garden for both.
Yes, to have each group, you have to keep different water needs in mind, but sometimes, you can be surprised!
I argued with my friend for a long time about Phlox.
"Not in San Antonio", I would say.
She would say..."You're Wrong!
Well, I had to admit, that I had found and been successful with some varieties of clematis, that "you aren't supposed to grow in South Texas", so I gave in a planted three small plants of 'John Fanick' Phlox.
Here is what it says on Plant Delights Nursery, (Juniper Level, North Carolina) website.
This heat-tolerant phlox was discovered in San Antonio, Texas, growing in a patch of St. Augustine grass by plantsman, Greg Grant. The plant was subsequently named after the late San Antonio nurseryman, John Fanick. Phlox 'John Fanick' grows in regions of Texas where most Phlox paniculata cultivars are just a distant memory, and as since have been named to the Texas Superstar program.
This tough phlox makes a 3' tall spectacular clump sans mildew, topped, starting in early summer and continuing long after other phlox selections have faded, with flower heads of light pink flowers, each with a darker pin eye...a humming bird haven. Phlox paniculata 'John Fanick' has proven to be tough in NC, but then again, we're no Texas.

So, it would be easy to take a shot at that last line...uhh, yeah...there's NO place like Texas...but Ill pass...sort of;)
Not only do the hummers enjoy the snacking, but this beautiful flutterby, didn't even know I was there!
Not only have the three original plants spread to probably 4' x 4', but I found a ton of side shoots, to replant around in other beds in my garden.

The final compliment, which is a "high on my list requirement"...they are FRAGRANT!!!
You'll find all kinds of reasons to walk past them, just to get a whiff of that smell:)
Oh, and yeah, I have to report that the deer would gobble them up, so you'll have to plant them in a safe zone.
So, Yeah friend Pat, I concede......you were right...(and I told her so), but for the meantime, I'm sticking with my mostly desert plants, and you enjoy your mostly tropicals:)
Hope your summer is going well...
Life is good:)

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