Thursday, July 11, 2013

Estate Sale Tools...Works of Art and Historic "Time Capsules"!

Works of Art

If you've read my blog for long, you will know that I enjoy shopping estate sales, and that 
 I have a weak spot for old sheds, dark cellars and boxes in the garages.

One of the reasons that I enjoy looking in those areas is because I am hoping to find a Vintage tool or two.

The tools you find at the box stores, just don't look like this anymore.
Sure, I enjoy an old nice clear plastic handle on a screwdriver now and then, but wood and brass...
yeah, that's says OLD!


Now, its not that I know anything about what I buy, I just know when I see something well made and beautiful!
Its not until I get home, that the real studying begins.

Some estate sales companies, have workers specifically for these areas and I definitely take notes from them before I leave.

Or, even more fun than that...I've been known, to find an older gentleman, and introduce myself and ask him if he knows what I'm looking at.
You can have the BEST conversations with them. I have so much respect for their wisdom, and they almost always have a great story to go with the information! 


But, sometimes, no one knows what an item is and I just have to go home and start digging.

I guess, no one is surprised, that there are clubs, and websites, for just about everything these days, and that

If I am lucky, and so far so good, I will find what an item is called.

But more times than one, I have had an item, that in All of the internet, there isn't anything exactly like the one that I have found...and that gets me VERY EXCITED!

So, its been so much fun learning about this whole new world.

Some items, I keep and use in my Mixed Media Projects.


Some items, are so heavy, this old "S" wrench, that weighs in at 5lbs., that I take them to my shop at Johns Road Antique Mall, in Boerne, Texas, where they can rest on a shelf and be admired...or a farmer, or rancher, wearing overalls, or a granddaughter that wants to remember!
I will NEVER forget what it Felt like, Smelled like, Sounded like, to be in my Grandfathers, blacksmith shop and that was 50 years ago!

The hand drill below has such a unique hand grip, that I haven't been able to find another one like it...Anywhere! 

So, maybe its because my father's father was a blacksmith, that this girl digs a great Vintage tool box, full of wood and brass.

I know, they aren't frilly, and you cant find them at the mall, but I will continue to be drawn to these amazing Works of Art and Historic "Time Capsules".
AND I'll probably stop and imagine the man that used them in his life, every day.

If you ever see anything that you are interested in owning and its not listed at Hastypearl, just leave me a comment below, and I will be sure to get back to you...

Hope your days are great and you are enjoying your summer...

And as always, Thanks for reading my blog...
I Never take it for granted :)


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