Thursday, November 26, 2015

Go With The Flow And Break Some Rules.... Hastypearl

Go With The Flow And Break Some Rules....



Your are probably ALL stuffed full of Turkey and Appropriate Regional sides, by  now.
Our family did our best, to break our 17 minutes eat time, 
but I'm afraid that we were terribly slow this year.

Towards the end of our meal, we played a solemn little game of, 
Tell Me About You...
Helping Young People Talk to Grown Ups.

There weren't any young people at our table this year, 
not by a long shot, 
but we still had fun answering our questions about ourselves 
and learning some new things about each other.


Something happened, 
that turned our day into total fun!

And it wasn't because of the brilliance of an adult, 
but the honesty of a verrrrrrry young person in our family.

It was time, for the family photos to start coming in 
when my sisters son's family picture arrived in text form.

Upon first gaze, it looked like a lovely pose, 
of a very attractive family and was it...


their toddler daughter at the last second before the shutter clicked, 
had managed to stab her little finger in two knuckles deep, 
for that illusivegottopickit "boogey" !

I cracked up and shared it with my table mates.

well, that's how fast these sordid ideas come to me,
I said, 
lets send them a picture back with us 
digging for our own "boogies" !

Three happy volunteers stepped forward.
I showed my 87 year old mother how to take our picture 
and we were 

I sent that "pick pic", to many contacts in our family.

It took only seconds when our first Nose Picking Selfie came Right Back !


We had momentum!

Our NOT SHY AT ALL cousins from West, Texas, 
were TWO FINGERS in 
and we were up to 8 PICKERS!

Then a "pic" from A BRAVE Lone Wolf in Baird.

Two more in San Antonio!

We were ON A ROLL.

Two funny jokes videos came in from West and ANOTHER from San Antonio.

Now, we are going, VIRAL !!!

A surprise Pink Pick came in, 
even though she was having fun at a water park in North Carolina!

She STILL had TIME for the family Pick Off !!!

When we doubted the Nixon's...


but "blew" us away with a Triple Single!


But the Best And Final, 
was the very late entry from the 


from Baird, 
and that was IT.


A Fantastic Day of Family "Picking" from all around the Nation :)
All because of One little Girl. are our Thanksgiving "Pick" for starting the most fun of the day!  

So, as promised.
I lost all decorum with this unseemly posting and have undoubtedly lost your respect, 
but one thing that our family had today was.....
So Much Fun!

What I learned today was...when you cant physically be together..
you can still Pick Together, with the ones that you love...even if from afar.

And as Devo once said...

Now Pick It
    Into Shape 
Shape It Up
Get Straight
Go Forward
Move Ahead
Try to Detect It
Its Not Too Late
To Pick It
Into Shape
Shape It Up
Get Straight
Go Forward
Move Ahead
Try to Detect It
Its Not Too Late
To Pick It
Well, Pick it Good

Please forgive my silliness :)
...and I hope that you all had as wonderful a Thanksgiving, as I did !

Best, Laura

ps. I will now add some serious pictures in attempt 
to gain back your respect, that I have most surely lost :)   




Makes you just want to...Pick it, right? ;)

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