Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Possiblilites ! Hastypearl

New Possibilities !

This posting may look a lot like my last.
The image is the same, but there is a New Message!

I was delighted, after showing you four 
Mixed Media Collage Etsy Hastypearl listings, 
that one of them Sold !

OK. Not really delighted, but rather...

It is a Terrific RUSH, 
to know that something that came from your own heart and hand, 
has Moved Someone enough to hit the buy button, 
and want to look at it, everyday :)   

So, maybe you remember the one...
It is titled,

you, me, us...

Below, is its picture.

A VERTICAL oriented piece. 

I wrote to tell its buyer, how pleased that I was that she had purchased it, 
and that I would deliver it to her home, as she lives nearby.

She said, "Great ! 
We can walk around the house, and see where it should go. 
I could hang it or maybe put it on a shelf...
could it be placed, HORIZONTAL ?"

I thought.
I Made it to hang, Vertical.

I remembered that within that last blog post, I clearly said...
I don't tell my buyer My story, 
because I want them to have their OWN story!

Hmmm...already, I must Walk the Talk?

I knew the piece well enough, that I turned it horizontal in my mind...
and I realized...
It Would Look Fantastic Horizontal,
 and that Way, it would tell Her story, too !

I present to you...

you, me, us...


And Why Not ? :)

Lots of lessons here.

The greatest is, that we keep our minds Open to New Possibilities, 
and to hearing stories in more than one way.

We can all have a Different View, and still all of them are, Good !

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking, that Your voice is always the best ?


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day...
either, Vertically OR Horizontally !  :)

Best...Laura aka hastypearl see the three other pieces that I posted about, click here !

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