Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Man, "She Really Gets Me" Hastypearl

Man, "She Really Gets Me"


I thought about writing about Gifting.
You know, about giving someone just the right, Thing.

The holidays are inching closer, and to be sure, there will be lots of 
fruitcakes, ties and ugly sweaters
exchanged, after all !

History has proven that its just the way it is:)

But that's not really the topic that I was thinking about.

More specifically...
This last week, I hosted an art workshop in my home.
Each time, I enjoy giving a gift to the artist that I host.
Usually something that I made, and I really want it to be Special.
I love making and selling Mixed Media Angels on hastypearl, 
so I gave her one.

What she then Gave to me, completely blew me away!

You see... 
She knows me.

She knows important things about me.

What she gave me was so, so, so...Not a fruitcake !
She nailed her gift to me...
because, "She Really Gets Me".
It touched me so much...

On the second day into the workshop, I was very surprised that as soon 
as one of the attendees walked into the house, she handed me a bag.

It was Unexpected and I had no idea what was inside.

When I opened the bag and pulled out her Gift to me, I got chills.
How, after only being together for such a short while, 
had she so PEGGED me so right, in her selection?

She had an incredible Intuition about me...and when I hugged her I thought....
Man, "She Really Gets Me".

How are some people so Intuitive?
So Perceptive?

I think its actually, a Gift.
Like, writing, or conducting, or dance.
Its an Inner Intellect.
Its about being able to reach in and connect with someone, right away.
Its a beautiful thing.

I don't think that it's an Exclusive Gift, just enjoyed by a select few, 
but rather, I think its available to everyone, if we want it.

The other quite remarkable thing about those two moments...

I had to ask myself...
Would you be as generous as these two, 
to give either of these two gifts to someone else?
That's how Perfect they were to me.

I'm not sure.

I think I'm generous, but there are things, that are I want to hold on to, 
that I don't think I would be able to give away.

If you asked me...would you love to give someone Chills, 
by what you do, give, or say, to them.

Of course, I would say, Yes! 

Then, would I give Anything?

I'll have to think about that.

It was a great experience all around for me, 
and obviously something that is still
 rolling around in my mind.

Either way, I want to slow down, recognize the 
Beauty, Strengths and Heart of others and be ready and  
willing to Give, when I'm supposed to, 
because I know that it means so much to me, 
when others extend that to me.

During the upcoming Best Time of the year for Giving, 
we will all have an opportunity to practice giving, 
and if we believe that it is 
better to Give than to receive,
we can !

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes...

In a world where factions are doing evil things for their causes, 
and a time where we don't feel we are equipped to stop it...
we always have the power to Give...

The best investment I know of is Charity:
You get your principal back immediately
and you draw a dividend every time you think of it. 

Josh Billings (Henry Winkler Shaw)

I'm so happy that you stopped by for a little visit with hastypearl.
You know that I love that you do...:)


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  1. I read all of your posts via email now and don't often think to come to your blog and leave a comment - one of the negative outcomes of convenience. Today I wanted to stop in and say I also marvel when somebody gets me. It is a gift in and of itself. Thanks for vocalizing this and doing it with such beautiful images!

  2. Lots of people respond to me via FB, or even email. No matter, it's a "gift" to receive encouragement in what ever form. I'm happy to have been blessed to have spent some "she gets Me" time with you, Crystal. Thanks for stopping by:) Laura

  3. It's also a gift to be able to accept a gift graciously and to deeply appreciate those gestures. You've got the gift! Love, love, love these images. xo