Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mixed Media Collage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Collage

I. Love. To. Collage. :)

I told the story a while back, 
about taking a ton of paper to Colorado during one of our last visits.

For me, Colorado means...No Cooking.
No Cleaning.
Few Responsibilities.

On the Flip side it DOES Mean...
Yes, to Exploring.
Yes, to Photography.
Yes, to Art.

So, my favorite thing to do, when I first arrive, 
is I set up a great Drafting Table that the previous owner of our home, left, 
a nice lamp for light, 
and a small radio set to KSNO...get it?...Sno :)

Then, I spread my supplies out, that I have bit by bit, 
sent up in USPS flat rate boxes and 

Well, back to my story.
I first cut out my basic 4"x 4", 5" x 7 ", 8" x 10 " and 10 " x 14 " watercolor paper.
Then, as they say...I Let The Fur Fly !

When I do multiples like this, 
its wonderful, to see a series of themes, 
similar colors, style and even philosophy take shape.

My life experiences certainly speak up.
Songs that I hear, speak up.
Dreams that I have, speak up.
Everything at that moment...Can Speak !

One thing that I did at the Redstone Labor Day Art Show this year, 
was intentionally NOT tell my customers the art pieces' stories.
They are after all, MY story and don't have any business worming 
their way into someone else's lives :)
I like to leave that up to the viewer.

Again...what ended up happening to these pieces on that trip was...
I got all of the compositions laid out, 
probably three days before we were to head home...
but I hadn't taken into account, 

So, I went white knuckle nose to the ground, and glued almost 40 pieces, 
with just enough time to have them dry and to be 
packed in my luggage to bring home !

I think I was a little Too relaxed and without a plan and it was a Close Call !

My recommendation to you...
Don'tEverDoThat !

So, here are some of the 10 " x 14 " pieces that I created on that trip.
They are all mounted on beautiful birch cradle boards, with black edges.
(I've recently blogged about that process if you would like to learn)
They have saw tooth hangers making them ready to hang,
 or I often lean my art on a shelf, against our books, or even on a mantle or console,
They certainly can still be professionally framed.
I like to give my customers options.


This first piece is called, Reclamation.
Below, is a close up of my handmade watercolor papers, 
vintage fibers with a little stitch, 
the stain patterns left on a tea bag, 
all built on a vintage journal page, #45.


This next piece is called, Neighbors.
Named after another old poem.

I've NEVER been able to recreate that amazing Teal color since 
this piece of handmade watercolor rice paper. 
You would think if you did it once, you could do it again.
It is my keep trying, because it is SO striking.
There are lots of subtle metallic's on that same sheet of paper.
Stitch, and vintage trim, a vintage telegram fragment 
and black and white, mark making paper.

The image, two down, shows the profile of the black edged cradle board.

This next piece is called, The Roots.
I used a very old botanical book page, 
and circled the words in metallic gold thread,

The roots, 

followed by more random circled words...

...established a position and in particular abundance.

Then, I stitched a tree above and below the earth.
And I also included a paper fragment with the words...

...coming home.

Lastly, the piece that I titled...

you, me, us 

You can see the fragment with those words covered by the sheer gold paper.

The colors on my handmade watercolor paper, run from greens to salmon.
It takes layer upon layer of colors, to get this much coverage.
Sometimes, I just can stop!
Every new color that I add, makes it even more beautiful.

There is another word fragment...
I am always on the look and listen out, for beautiful phrases.
This one says...

...and how we used to lay under the tree, gazing upwards...

Who hasn't done that in their lives?

If you haven' Must!

And maybe you will do it With someone..., me, us

Relationships like that, are woven together.
Weaving's in my art are always symbolic and seemed so for this piece.


My customers tell me that they can look at my art over and over, 
See new things.
Find new meanings.

Its a way for me to tell a story.
An open ended story.
One that doesn't have a right or a wrong.
Its just up to the viewer, to fill it in for themselves.

So, it has been a while, since I had posted my hastypearl art.

These four 10 " x 14 " pieces are listed at $140. each

I hope that you enjoyed seeing it and maybe could see it working its way into your lives :)

These pieces are all listed in my Etsy Hastypearl shop.
Please take a look at more images of them, and the other listings that I have.
You can go there by tapping here !

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I hope you will :)

See you again, soon?

Enjoy these wonderful days !

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