Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pull Up !! Pull Up !! Pull Up !! Hastypearl

Pull Up !! Pull Up !! Pull Up !!


Do you remember seeing those old movies, where there is a diving airplane,
headed to it's certain doom,   
and the pilot is pulling on the steering wheel 
(sorry pilots, I don't know what they are really called ;) 
and the co-pilot is saying for his life...

Pull Up !! Pull Up !! Pull Up !! if the pilot didn't already Know that he needed to Pull Up! :)

Well, that's what came to my mind this morning, 
concerning an event that I had with an out of state, online friend, 
this past week.

Things like it, can happen so easily 
and get crazy so fast!
It all started, with me asking her a question.
She later explained that she had read my question on her phone screen 
and didn't really get the gist of it, and misunderstood what I had said.
Boy, after I heard that...I totally understood.

Humans, trying to navigate through friendships with only 
the use of texting/convos/emails... 
leads to craziness!!
Things get misunderstood and lots of time 
can get wasted, trying to explain.

I thought about it this morning, and is it that two people, 
that really like each other, 
and have communicated as much as we have, 
still haven't heard each others voices ?
I plan to change that, soon.

What I just said sounds so incredibly weird, 
but we've all experienced it whether through FB or 
some other social networking.
If two people find their way to each other,
 and enjoy each other for years, its not rocket science to pick up a phone, 
and call each other :)

So, why the Pull Up title, to this posting?

This morning, I wrote her an...
I've got to "Pull Up" on this back and "forthing" of  emails, 
or we are in danger of hitting the ground going a million miles an hour, 
and that's going to LEAVE A MARK !

There are always moments in relationships, 
that if we are sensitive and really alert to what is going on, 
that one of us better Pull Up !!

So, I wrote her to tell her that I was done with each of us trying 
to explain our points and reminded her of how much 
I really care for her,
...the many reasons that we are friends, 
and how much I want that to continue.  

I'm hopeful for an upward turn, 
just like in the movies, 
where we swoop back up to the sky and soar 
off into the horizon, together.

I'm pretty sure that we can and will!

I don't think that I've been this personal on this blog before, 
and I wouldn't have done it except that I think this
 topic isn't MY topic, 
but rather a TOPIC and solution for all of us !

No shame in it for any of us.
Just part of learning how to navigate 
in our New World of Technology !

Been there, anyone ? ;)


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Its a Beautiful Sunday morning, here, 
where our fall color is Finally starting !

Hoping that your day is special and full of Wonder :)


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