Friday, August 2, 2013

Where Do You Go To Leave It All Behind?.... Hastypearl

The Big Old World Is a Wonderful know?
Most of it, I wont ever see.
What I have seen, has been a strange Providential kind of thing to me.
I mean, you go to one place, I go to another.
How do those things get decided?
In the 1970's, when I got married as a nineteen year old, we were introduced to a place called, Redstone, Colorado.
It's a stunner of a place, on the other side of Snowmass, from Aspen. 
In time, we would crisscross the mountains in New Mexico, up and down the Rockies, to Canada, but we never could shake, Redstone.
It's romantic history, doesn't hurt...and YES, I am a total sucker for a good Victorian story, complete with a American made mining baron and castle.
Include the Native American, who lived in the valley years before any miners arrived, and you have a wonderful story.   

So, for 38 years, we have returned to Redstone.
Yes, we leave the sweltering south Texas heat (it was triple digits the whole time we were gone) for chilly summer Redstone nights,(40's) where you need a jacket, and we laugh when we hear the complaints about how hot(70's), it is there! 

Its made up of people, with remarkable resolve.
They'd have to, to get through the serious winters, that last for hard, long, months.
It's a place where the women age beautifully and naturally.
The lines form deeply around their sincere smiles.
They shame your younger self when you hear what they do.
(at 70, they walk up McClure pass EVERY morning, or "walk over to Crested Butte" or take Pilates Classes, or ride their bikes to WORK) 
The people have Received us and if you aren't careful, Providence again could get involved and you could find some kindred spirits, that feel like you've known them forever.

So, I'm thankful for OUR place and will remain fascinated about the "why" of it all.
If you are young, and you want to go everywhere, do it...
but just know, that its likely, that eventually, one place, if you are lucky, will stand out over all of the rest, and it could become your sacred, favorite!

And if you are fortunate for that to happen...
Be glad.

How will you know that you've found it?
Well, if you are like will dream about it and want to be there, all year long.
And when you get to go back to wont go to bed at night, without looking up to the stars to say goodnight, before you fall asleep and you wont be able to sleep late in the morning, because you'll want to see it as many hours of the day as you can!
You might even go as far as scooping up its soil and rocks, and bring them home to hold!  
Have you found YOUR SPECIAL PLACE?
I know some of you have...if you would like to, feel free to leave it's name in the place for comments...
(I comment on blogs all of the time...and have been surprised how friendships have happened for it!
There aren't any rules for having to first know someone, to comment on their blog.
Try it and see what happens!) 
I'd love to know:)
Enjoy your days...wherever you are...Laura   


  1. Beautiful post, sis! Makes me feel like I'm there (wish I was)... Have I ever told you the story of how my dad found Redstone? Now that we are the age we are, it's interesting to see the big picture of how God puts these things together for us! Congrats on the new property... can't wait to see it!

  2. Well, now you have teased me...I don't remember the story if you did!
    Im sure he is watching and glad to see the story continuing. So glad for his find...