Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The World on a Log Hastypearl

The World on a Log
Yep, that's right.
I'm posting about a Log!
I spotted it out of my second story, vacation cottage window, as soon as we arrived.
Mostly, because my eyes are always keenly searching, to spot such things.
If the story ended there, the shapes of the log would be worthy enough.
But wait, there's more!
You see, I live in a semi arid, environment.
We get rain in buckets, and then nothing.
A wise garden in my area, borrows heavily from the desert West, or Mexico.
Yes, we can coax some water thirsty plants along, but guilt comes over when you wonder if YOU should be drinking the water...not the plants.

 It wasn't until the last day of our trip, that I got over to examine and photograph, The Log.
Buried beneath the evergreens and decaying foliage, it was a...World on a Log!
How long had it steeped in the cool, wet, environment, to host the billions, of organisms, that called That Log home? No one knows.

Mosses and lichens and 'stools of all kinds, made me wish that I could pop it in my suitcase and bring it home.
Isn't that the way we are?
What I really knew, was that That Log, was in the ONLY place on Earth, that it could host and nurture all of its specific and unique, community.
One foot to the left or right, the conditions would be different, and maybe it would just be a barren log.
So, of course that's true for each of us.
Wherever we Are, is  RIGHT where we need to be, to Flourish.
Force a move on us one foot to the left or right, and we might not be where we are supposed to be.  

Still, we humans want to Have Things, that sometimes, we should leave alone.
Just to confirm...I did....leave it alone:)
Visits and Pictures of this unique world, are enough for me.
I do hope that I get to see it again sometime, to see how things progress.
I think the owners of the property will let me do that!

For those of us that live in a dry kind of world, to those of you who see This Kind of Ecosystem often, don't take it for granted!
WE should ALL slow down and appreciate more, the things that are special about our personal environments:) 
Hope you had a wonderful day...
Thanks for letting me share my interests, with you!

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