Monday, August 12, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Line Drawings Hastypearl

Mixed Media Collage Line Drawings
I have an IPad full of blogs that I enjoy following.
I love gardening blogs, but especially love artists who garden!
A perfect...Two for One:)

One blog that I follow is called Be...Dream...Play, by Elizabeth Bunsen. Yep, You guessed it...she's an artist that doesn't disappoint in the gardening department!

While I was on vacation, I read her July 17 post and one of my favorite pictures was of some daylilies. Bright Orange!
That's not generally one of my favorite colors, but when you hold the brush and gouache can paint whatever color you want!
I used her lilies as inspiration for this a softened version.
I found a great page from a dictionary with the word....Grace.
Its a pretty loaded word...
An early definition for me in my life was...Undeserved Favor.
Boy, how many times in my life can I think of, that I was extended, Grace?
A Lot!
How many times have I Offered Grace...not as many!

I made a large "bead" by wrapping a glass bead studded wire, around some really great fibers and layered it on top of a row of Victorian snaps. I also love finding the large Victorian hooks (and eyes) and using them when I can.

Inspirations, are all around us. I'm thankful for beautiful photography from the many great "eyes" that are out there.

          Hope your days are Full of Grace and that we will all choose to spread more of it, around!

I will be listing this 5" x 7" Mixed Media Collage Line Drawing, in my Etsy shop, hastypearl, tomorrow.

Hope you will visit hastypearl...soon!


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