Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Can't Grow Hydrangeas! Hastypearl

I Can't Grow Hydrangeas!
I have a lot of Philosophical conversations with myself, while I'm gardening.
Most of the time, what I'm working on in my mind, doesn't really have that much to do with gardening, but rather, some much more Eternal Application.
Its a Life's Lesson's Classroom, of sorts!
It will start something like...
I wish it wasn't so hot, in South Texas.
Or, I wish we got more rain.
Or, I wish I could grow Hydrangeas.
Mind you, this last conversation happened yesterday, while I was cutting back and FILLING my wheelbarrow with clippings, from the Exuberance of these three particular plants!
The silver plant, probably 4' x 4' a Beautiful, native Artemisia, that I didn't even plant!
The birds Gifted it to me.
It is so large, that is has engulfed a sizable boulder, that we paid for and placed to be seen, in our garden. 

Then, there is the blue Plumbago.
Planted, only three years ago, from a one gallon container, it has easily spread to be 6' x 6'.
It too, has overgrown its space and will have to be radically cut back, twice a year.

Finally, the yellow tree, is in the Cassia family.
Also, planted 3 years ago, from a one gallon container.
In that short time, it has covered the beautiful oval window, in my pantry.
I hope that you are starting to get where I'm headed here, with the irony of my original wishes.
Reality is, we are talking about :
One Free plant.
One plant that very much LOOKS, like a Hydrangea, but grows Effortlessly, in my conditions.
One understory tree that Effortlessly, blooms its head off, for Months at a time.
All of this...with scorching temps, little water and alkaline soil.
Kids, are you ready for the Moral of our Story time?:)
I'm not Supposed to have the Same Conditions that everyone else does.
No one really believes that everything always, has to be Fair!
Not in gardening.
Not in Life!
I AM however, supposed to be content, with what I DO have, and make the best of it.
And maybe Right under my nose, I will see that I actually already have one beautiful garden vignette, after another!
Yeah, I know that you do:)!

Now, go outside, and love the Garden...or Life, that you've been Given:)!
I hope that you are Enjoying your Wonder Filled Days...

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