Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daisy Line Drawing, Watercolour Collage, Hastypearl

Daisy Line Drawing, Watercolour Collage,
The Daisy
Noxious weed? or Iconic Summer essential in the garden?
I have Three kinds of Daisies in my Texas garden, just to make sure that I have some blooming.
Yes, they reseed and you have to edit!
Last year, I pulled so many, that my full tractor trailer, looked like it should have been in my small towns' parade!
I envisioned myself driving in the parade in my gardening clothes, doing the Queen's Wave, with Daisy heads bouncing and bobbing :)

So, to celebrate, the humble Daisy...I drew, painted, cut out and layered them, in this 8" x 6"
piece, that is now available at, Hastypearl!

It wasn't meant to be a companion with the Daylily piece that I previously blogged about, but they actually would look GREAT, together!
I cant resist using my collection of Victorian sewing notions.
On this piece, I used some of the giant hooks...those poor women!
 All Cinched and Hooked Up!
Then, on the bottom, you will see a row of weights.
They would ensure that the hem of a garment, would hang perfectly!
What those women would say, if they saw how we dress, or Don't dress, today:)

I loved making this,
sitting in the cool Colorado forest...looking at the Daisies!
Please take a look at this and my other listings at my Etsy site, Hastypearl...
Think about your gift list.
Let me know when you purchase, if it is a gift and I will wrap it for you!
I already send a surprise in all of my packages, but I would love being in on YOUR surprise:)
Enjoy your days...remember to Look Around you and ...don't miss A Thing!

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