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Fall Colors In Colorado Hastypearl

Fall Colors In Colorado
I'll bet you thought this would be about Aspens!
If you read my last Hastypearl post, you learned, that we recently visited Redstone, Colorado.
I read that in the high country, the third week in July, can be a beautiful week for flowers.
Those trips can be amazing, if you've never done it.
We had too many things going on this trip, to be able to get up there.
My husband loves to fly fish...a lot.
He can stay gone, for HOURS.
While he's fishing, I enjoy creating and hiking.
Our hosts, Jeff and Janette, at the Gamekeepers Cottage, always have recommendations for new trails to hike.
Jeff showed us East Creek, and showed me a trail that starts behind the Redstone Inn, that if you walk the whole of it, leads to Aspen!
I'm not in that kind of shape!
I never leave home, without my humble point and shoot camera, and like everyone, I take lots of photos.
On this trail, the flowers were few, but I was quickly seduced, by the colors that Follow flowers, in the form of ...fruit!
I also read, that this is a good time of the year, to keep a look out over your shoulders, as a bear can eat berries, 20 hours of the day.
It is time to start storing up fat, for the winter.        
I'm sure that this isn't all of the varieties to be had up there, but just look at the colors of these treats.

And as happens, the colors begin to change as fall approaches, so I also focused on foliage.

Finally, the cottage property has a very old cherry tree.
I enjoyed visiting with Janette one day, as she picked the cherries.
She said if she didn't get them, the bears would!
I guess this would be a good time to tell a story.
I'm a pretty good sleeper.
Part of it is because, I sleep with earplugs, and a little fan for background noise.
One night at midnight in the cottage, I woke up to a noise...that actually concerned me.
At first, it sounded like someone was coming up the stairs, and then, I realized, that it was ON the roof.
The next morning, Jeff said that it was probably a raccoon.
I live in Texas and KNOW what a raccoon sounds like, but this sound was more like a MAN.
My husband agreed.
It occurred to me that it might be a bear, but hated to sound too novice.
I asked Jeff...if there was any way that it WASN'T a bear...he said, no.   

A few nights later, when we were having a beautiful dinner on Jeff and Janette's front porch, this Texas girl was redeemed, when I looked up and saw about 50' away, running across our cottages' front lawn, a large bear!
I'm guessing, if you got close enough, you could have probably smelled cherries on his breath!  

So, I just thought these colors were beautiful...and NO, it doesn't have to be a flower, to get the Praise!
Enjoy your August days...Laura

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