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The Interesting World of Tiny Vintage Plastic Charms and Buttons Hastypearl

The Interesting World Of Tiny Plastic Charms and Buttons
One of my recent estate sale visits, produced a magic cigar box, full of little delights!
Sometimes called Prizes and Trinkets or Crackerjack and Gumball Mini Charms. 
I remember seeing them as a child, but I had no idea how detailed and sweet they are.
I can see how addictive collecting them could be!

They come in all colors and date back to the early days of plastic molding.
You can tell a lot about the age, by looking at the charm. Note the football players equipment. 
Definitely not a current NFL uniform:)
Look at the soldiers helmet.

The Cowboys and Native Americans are older. 



These Tiny Fruits below, are actually buttons!
Made in the 40's, they also are very detailed.
I can imagine replacing plain white buttons with these cuties.
Or, using them in a Mixed Media art piece


I bought the bracelet (below) a while back. You can see that they simply added pearls and charms to their fruit charms, similar to these listed at hastypearl.
Each of my lots are large enough, that they could easily make several bracelets.

NFS...but as you see, you could make your own:)
In South Texas right now, staying inside and creating something, is Definitely a wise use of time!
Hope you find something wonderful to do with your day...Wherever you Live:)
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  1. What great finds. And I bet each piece has its own story to tell!

  2. Yep, and I love finding them and finding great caretakers for the next phase of their "lives":)
    I love your style and following you at, Seth!