Monday, September 30, 2013

Fred Mullet Art Class Hastypearl

Fred Mullet Art Class
I'm not sure how one describes Fred Mullet.
He doesn't exactly make it easy for you...and I'm SURE knowing that, makes him smile!
He's an artist. He's witty. He's full of..."Fredisms".  He's smart. He's an innovator. He's a teacher.
He is a nature lover, that's for sure...mostly fish, botanicals, fish, and fish.
He makes and sells rubber stamps. But they aren't your average rubber stamps.
When they arrive in your mailbox...they are preloaded with Magic!
Go to his website, and look around at his Samples or Eye Candy.
Don't discard because it is fish. Think...what kind of things interest you?
The technique's will work with everything!
Seriously, its what he has figured out to do with the stamps, that makes his art so exceptional. 
He spent the last 3 days, at Stamp Antonio, teaching sold out classes.
You've taken technique classes before.
Some you go home and NEVER use what you learned and some you go home and Use Everyday.
I use what I have learned in Fred's classes...almost every day.
It matters to him, that we learn about Color, and Contrast.
Positive and Negative.
I missed taking this class the last time he came, and it was worth the wait.
I will be doing this technique, A Lot. 

My new art friends.
I'm So Glad for meeting them in this environment!
Their wisdom and skill and talents, are so valuable.
They ADD to me!

This is my finished project!
I'm not really a straight lines kind of girl, but the composition book covers, were samples of what we made.
Its a perfect example, of things that you make in your studio, that alone, don't really look so amazing. But when you cut them up, and collage them, in a different context, they take on a whole new
My drawers, are FULL of pieces that are just waiting, to be combined with new neighbors!


On these two pages alone, there are a number of techniques, that I will definitely use again!
I cant WAIT to play and experiment!

Anyway...Go Take A Class.
In whatever discipline you are interested in.
Even better, take a class that you want to, but are scared to!
I promise, you'll be glad that you did!!
If it's title is, Spritz Me, Baby...Mo' Bettah'...
You're probably onto something good!
My obvious point here is...Learn, Stretch, Try, Fail, Succeed...Just Do It!
I Hope that you have a great day today, and I'm always Glad to know that you are reading about my hastyness!
As Always...Stretch On!
xoxo Laura


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