Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rollin' On with... Hastypearl!

Rollin' On with Hastypearl!
I Know.
 That was a Criminal Pun, but I couldn't help myself!
So, I walked through my house a while back, and counted 9, (the number went up), pieces of furniture that had casters underneath the legs.
Yes, we have a number of "turn of the last century" pieces, but you can't knock those Victorians for trying to make things easier to move, right?
So, I keep my eyes out.
I look to and fro, and occasionally, I find the good ones.
The rusty and the crusty....

The Industrial....

The not so worn....

Rubber wheels....

Celluloid wheels....

And the just plain...Too Lazy to cover the wheels when the item got spray painted!
Whew, these are cool!
And, a great buyer from Louisiana knew it, and snatched them right up!
I saw casters, similar to these at a store in Fredericksburg yesterday, for $35 a PIECE!!!!
So, if you are looking for elevation, mobility, or want to use some in a Mixed Media project,
Hastypearl, is the place to look for Rollin' On ! :)
I hope you will stop in a check out my listings.
I set myself a sales goal for this year, and I am Full of Joy in saying, that thanks to my Sweet Buyers, I have Surpassed it!
Thanks to my fathers genetics transfer, my entrepreneurial itch is getting scratched and I LOVE IT:)
Feel free, to sign up on the right side of this blog, to get announcements when I post on my blog.
And I promise, I won't annoy you with a ton of postings.
I'll just let you know every now and then, when something Fun is happening in my life:)
Thanks to All, from ALL OVER THE WORLD, who are reading!


  1. Now that is what I call a collection. And some lucky people have now started their own collections too!

  2. Yep, Seth! The chippier...the better! :)