Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mixed Media Bird Nest Hastypearl

There's a New Bird In Town!
A while back, I found some irresistible handmade Birds!
Well, they were REsistible in their current state, but I knew that I could Improve Them:)
You see, they originally were made with a gaudy collection of Christmas papers...
My husband asked me what I would do with them, and I said I didn't know, but I knew Something would come to me!
I took a Fred Mullet class a couple of years ago, at Stamp Antonio, called... the Elegant Mess.
In fact, he is repeating that class at Stamp Antonio again, THIS weekend.
Both of his classes filled up in minutes, so if you ever get a chance to learn from him, he has great ideas AND is a blast!
(he sells really neat nature originated stamps, as well)

Anyway, the Elegant Mess technique, has served me almost every Mixed Media project that I do.
Birds that started out with a terrible base, are now soft and textured, and so much more beautiful!

These Special Birds, know how to weave Beautiful Beads and Ribbons and Gold Threads, into their nests!
One nest is made from the Softest cotton felt.
The other is made, from a crisp Linen Tea Towel.
You never know what will be next!

In the workroom....

I think these Beautiful Nests they would be so sweet, in a babies nursery. fact...this blush bird, has already flown to North Texas, to a very sweet, new cousin, of mine:)

I could also see them, tucked in the branches of a Christmas tree!

This one and others will be listed on hastypearl, soon!
I hope that you are enjoying the changes of the seasons, wherever you are!
And make sure that you say a sweet hello to your feathery neighbors...  
the Birds!
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I very much appreciate you taking your special time, to read about my Art and Life!  
xoxo Laura

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