Friday, September 20, 2013

Something Wonderful! Redstone, Colorado Hastypearl

Something Wonderful!
Redstone, Colorado
I don't know what your Dreams are.
Everyone has them!
Some come and go.
They Endure or are Released.
Some Are Fulfilled and some Aren't.
Having a place in the Mountains, has for 38 years, been one of those dreams that I couldn't seem to Escape.
I actually would dream, about a Specific Home.
An Unbelievable home, that because of an Unbelievable set of circumstances and a Providential Nod, I was able to go Inside of last summer, and even meet and Friend the Owners.
That Home, wont ever be mine, but....
What a "Dream Come True" Moment, in my Life!

This week, My Dream for a place in the mountains, Came True!
It came with some bumps and twists and a very long Wait, but I can see the whole picture Clearer, now that I am on the Other Side.
There is sometimes, a domino effect  for Dreams.
They can be Complicated.
 Sometimes, one domino has to fall for one person, before another persons can.
But that's not my Job to worry about!
All I have to do is....Trust!

So, Welcome hastypearl Readers,  to images of my Dream.
I'm Humbled....
and still processing, how any of us can Deserve Such Wonder...

Occupancy will be scant for some years yet, but Sharing it with others along the way, will bring me Great Joy!
There will be more info about that, forthcoming.
In the meantime, I will just be Thankful.
And Amazed.
Dreaming is a Wonderful Use of Time:)!

What's Your Dream?
Have a Dreamy Day... Laura

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