Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let Nature Sing! Mixed Media Assemblage Hastypearl

Mixed Media Assemblage
Every now and then, I make a Mixed Media piece just for me, that is a combination of some of my favorite found objects.
The items that I use, have to speak to each other, otherwise, they are just unrelated beauties.
This piece, was such an enjoyable project!
I thought, you might enjoy seeing how it came together!
The theme for this project centered around the two words...
"Words" and "Nature".  
Many of my projects, start with using some of my hand painted watercolor papers.
I work on these watercolor papers for a looooooong time, to get the texture built up, like happened in this piece.
Of course, most things are usually prettier in person, but really....
This paper is PRETTY!

My base for the piece, is the lid from a found, 1950's Scrabble game!
It was WELL used.
 I didn't photograph the outside of the box, but it was TAPED together.
I can imagine it saw many happy hours, of play! 
I cut the wood game trays, to form a frame around the inside of the box.
I let the game instructions' Words, show around my watercolor paper.

I've had these great wood maple leaves for a while and was waiting for just the right place to use them.
Now, and thanks to Laurie Mika, for teaching me how to make molds, I can more comfortably use my originals!
Do you know how to make a mold? 
These leaves, would have been applied on a clock, or piece of furniture.
They are really, very pretty!
You probably know by now, that I am in love with the mountains!
On my last trip there, I collected these small Aspen branches and wove them together.
Carrie Edlemann Avery, at Paper Wings Productions, taught me about painting book pages with resin.
I love what it does to the paper.
I used the paper for a layer on top of the watercolor, that is sometimes difficult for me, to cover over!

Then, I made a "bead" with copper wire, glass beads and a feather.
It feels a little like a fly lure, with the feathers going every direction!

So, we're getting closer to assembly time, now!
Some time back, I found this adorable little leather pouch.
I don't have a clue what it was used for, but it is SO soft.
It holds another found feather and the most AMAZING stone, that my husband gifted me from one of his days of fishing, in the Crystal River.
I have looked hard, and not been able to find another, with this Great soft, putty green color! 

OK, Enough's finally, time to assemble!

For me, the icing on the cake, is this lovely Tennyson quote, which beautifully summed up  my feelings...
For me, there is no better way to capture the thought of Nature...then as a Representation of God.
You feel it when you see a Sunset, or Mountains or the Sea,
hear a Stream or smell a Rose!
It's one of our greatest...Gifts.... 


This piece will stay with us!
I cant wait to find its perfect place in our home.
I hope that you enjoyed seeing its development:)
I've met some wonderful people on FB.
You can find me over there enjoying and passing along some wonderful art, submitted by a variety of artists.
I've also listed some new items, similar to this piece, at hastypearl, on Etsy.
I hope you will stop by, soon!
Enjoy YOUR Nature Filled days!


  1. This is so beautiful and it came together perfectly. And I agree with you about that background paper -- it is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Seth. Coming from the "textures" King, that means a lot!
    Create On! Laura